Genesis Artificial Pet Turf

Animals can be rough on natural grass, pounding it to dirt or mud. But Genesis artificial pet grass for dogs and other pets is built to take the abuse. Genesis Artificial Pet Grass has been designed with an exclusive Flo-Rite-Thru backing allowing for the fastest draining turf on the market today. Our pet turf has a short dense blade structure, and antimicrobial technology helping to eliminate odors and bacteria buildup. This provides a cleaner, safer, better environment for pets and people. Pet facilities and hotels benefit greatly from the long-term savings provided by Genesis Pet Grass Systems. Genesis pet turf is proven to stand up to the most challenging of pets and it low maintenance!


  • Provides safe, mud-free playing surface
  • Low maintenance
  • More availability and less downtime due to weather or maintenance
  • Eliminates the need for harmful fertilizers and insecticides
  • Minimize pests and allergen exposure
  • Reduces digging
  • Stays green all year long


  • Flo-Rite-Thru backing allowing for the fastest draining turf on the market today
  • Antimicrobial infill and turf blades inhibits bacteria growth
  • More styles to fit any landscape style
  • Longest Industry Warranty

Pet Owners Love Genesis Artificial Pet Grass

Genesis artificial grass for dogs with its revolutionary Flo-Rite-Thru technology, along with its realistic look and feel, make it the industry leading choice for pet owners. Genesis Artificial Pet Turf has proven to stand up to the most challenging of pets and its low maintenance features make keeping a beautiful, problem-free lawn all year long easy. Plus, over time, Genesis Turf artificial grass for dogs saves thousands of dollars in maintenance and watering.

Our Pet Turf System Features

Since no two pet owners are alike, our Genesis Pet Turf System focuses on an industry proven artificial grass with a revolutionary Flo-Rite-Thru backing. From there we use a proper pet friendly installation technique individualized for your home or business.

In hard to drain areas we have optional Genesis Air-Drain systems that make system cleaning a breeze. We finish off the system with a pet friendly organic infill designed to keep your system 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.
When it comes to pet turf, there is no better or safer solution than Genesis Turf artificial grass. Our Pet System is designed for little to big dogs, for small pet areas to large pet hospitals, with owners with small or large budgets. At Genesis Turf we address all concerns and needs of the pets and pet owners. We consider everything that goes into making the perfect pet area or dog run before we recommend a solution.

Our Pet Systems Offer:

Wide Variety of Artificial Turf Products

Genesis Turf has the widest selection of artificial grass in the industry, giving you the freedom to choose the right look to fit your landscape. All of our products are pet friendly, antimicrobial, lead and chemical free. With this in mind you can make the selection that best suits the look and feel of your landscape.

Beautiful Green Grass

No more brown spots, mud, and holes to fill in. No more dirt tracked through the house, no matter how many pets you have. With Genesis synthetic turf your yard will always look fresh cut and pristine.

Clean Pets

Genesis Turf artificial pet grass keeps the dirt and mud off your pets no matter what the weather is like outside. No muddy paws means no mud and dirt tracked in the house. No more digging holes and no more brown spots on the lawn. No mud also makes for a great outdoor bath time spot when it’s time for pet bathing.

Optimal Drainage

Water (or any other liquid) drains right through at a rate of 30-inches per hour or more with Flo-Rite-Through technology. With no standing water you and your pets will never be inconvenienced by a storm.

A Healthy Pet Environment

Our synthetic turf pet system provides an environment free of fleas, ticks, and other pests. This helps to control the spread of disease. With no need for fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals, you will be doing the environment a favor.

Controls Odors

All Genesis artificial pet turf is antimicrobial and will not hold moisture, residue, and bacteria. With added ZeoFill artificial grass infill, you can stop odor in its tracks. ZeoFill is a 100% natural, environmentally safe odor-absorbing zeolite crystal that prevents ammonia from turning into a gas, thereby eliminating the smell. ZeoFill also helps keep grass cool, won’t clog drainage or deteriorate your grass.

Added Security

With our pet turf systems we can ensure protection against even the most destructive canines. Our installations can also control rodents and other lawn pests. Moles and gophers can be kept out of the yard for good with certain installation upgrades.

Artificial Pet Grass Drainage System

Genesis Air Drain is made with the highest quality 100% postindustrial recycled content. Due to 92% air void underneath the turf, unwanted waste can be washed away quickly by using an easily installed flushing system. This flushing system attaches to any water source and uses inexpensive PVC piping around the perimeter of the grid. Low cost, easy to install, do it yourself drainage makes our artificial pet turf drainage systems ideal for kennels, dog boarding, pet facilities, dog parks, vet clinics, and even in your own backyard.

K9 areas are installed every day in public and private facilities across the world. Whether you utilize natural or artificial turf, the Air Drain System is a stress-free way to turn any common space into a fun place for people and their K9 friends. No more worrying about expensive and destructive gravel drainage and no problems with waste being left behind. An Air Drain System is the easiest and fastest way to maintain proper artificial grass drainage.

100% Recyclable

Environmentally sustainable artificial turf helps to provide a way to reduce, reuse and recycle. All of our synthetic turf has the eco-friendly benefit of being 100% recyclable. You will find this in all of our lawn turf, landscape turf, playground turf, putting green mats, and pet turf. Genesis Turf works hard to promote environmental sustainability and a cleaner better future.

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