Genesis Artificial Playground Turf

When it comes to your kids, nothing is more important than their safety. After selecting your kids’ play set consider the playground surface underneath. Most injuries on playgrounds occur as the result of a fall on surfaces that are abrasive, hard or just plain unsafe. This is where Genesis Play-Smart Artificial Turf Systems come in. We have worked hard to develop the safest, most consistent playground surface anywhere. Our system is designed for all types of playground equipment and protects children from falls as high as 12-feet under accordance with IPEMA standards and CSA approved fall attenuation.

Artificial Playground Turf & Surfacing

A playground should be a safe place for your children to run and play, however sooner or later your kids are going to end up on the ground or taking a fall when they’re playing. Genesis Play-Smart Turf Systems offer the perfect solution for playground surfacing. Whether you are a day care facility, community play area, public park, or private playground area, we have been testing our products for years to ensure that we produce only the best artificial turf surface for these applications. We have systems available that can meet any desired fall height rating up to 12 feet! With the Genesis Shock-Pad underlayment, you can have the safest turf in the industry. Genesis Playground Turf is softer and safer than gravel, dirt, wood mulch or natural grass and is practically maintenance-free. You can feel confident that your children will have a safe play surface when you choose Genesis Turf to cover your playground.

Our advanced primary backing allows maximum drainage and is environmentally friendly. Combine this with our premium fibers and industry leading turf technology and you get the absolute best surface on the playground market today. Genesis Playground Turf is perfect for the following applications:

  • Commercial Playgrounds
  • Backyard Play Areas
  • Day Cares & Schools
  • Parks and Common Areas
  • Theme Parks & Water Parks

Artificial Turf with Natural Look & Feel

Genesis Turf provides a more natural look and feel than rubber tiles, pour in place systems, or mulch. Our playground turf will not move like mulch or pea gravel, plus it’s more cost effective than any other surface. Our playground turf can be installed to meet any HIC requirements!

Our various styles of artificial playground turf are in stock and readily available. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about the benefits that Genesis Turf can provide your playground area. We believe in only the best when it comes to the safety and security of your children.

Playground Turf & Safety For Your Children

Genesis playground synthetic turf is designed from the ground up for safety and is fully certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA). Combine this with our exclusive Shock Pad underlayment and antimicrobial infill and you will find our turf system to be one of the safest play surfaces available today. What our synthetic playground turf offers you:

  • Meets ASTM F1292 requirements for up to a 12′ fall height
  • Reduces allergic reactions caused by grass
  • Dries quickly, allowing children to play immediately following a rain
  • Consistent HIC safety ratings
  • Eliminates constant maintenance of loose fill surfacing
  • Environmentally friendly: Earn up to 6 LEED points

Features Overview

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There are many options available for playground surfaces. Mulch, pea gravel, rubber or even another artificial grass product have all been used for playgrounds. None of those can even compare to the Genesis Turf Playground System.

Traditional options fall short when it comes to consistent safety protection. Surfaces constructed of mulch, gravel or sand tend to be less safe as time goes by. High foot traffic areas such as those circling the merry-go-rounds, under the swings or at the landing of a slide tend to displace the material exposing the hard ground underneath.

Rubber surface playgrounds do offer more consistent protection. However, these surfaces can create a host of new concerns. In the summer they absorb the heat. In the winter they can become hard and brittle which will compromise the integrity of the protection it offers.

The Genesis Turf Playground System is the only playground surface that provides consistent safety standards in high traffic areas, in any weather, at any height, and under all types of play equipment. All this plus the look of beautiful green grass.

While safety is our number one concern, there are many other advantage to using the Genesis Turf synthetic grass Playground System.

Benefits of Genesis Playground Turf

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Wide Variety of Artificial Turf Products

Industry Leading Primary Backing:

Our primary backing system is 100% recyclable and designed to give our artificial turf an extended life span and keep your turf properly positioned.

Shock Pad System:

Our Play-Smart shock pad provides the ultimate shock absorption and drainage. This keeps kids safe and the turf usable when others are still drying.


This anti-microbial, non-toxic, non-flammable infill stays cooler and lasts longer than other infill materials.

Heat Shield:

Heat Shield technology reduces the amount of heat that can be absorbed into the turf blades. This can keep your turf cooler in the summer by up to 17.5° F.

Glare Shield:

Genesis Turf artificial grass is less reflective so it looks more like natural, fresh-cut grass. After all, who wants a shiny lawn?Static ShieldOur industry leading Static Shield technology is built into the turf to reduce static build-up on the playground surface.IPEMA Certified:Genesis Turf playground surfaces are certified for safety by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Large Selection of Artificial Turf Products

All of our artificial turf grass products can be used for play areas. Choosing the right product depends on the playground equipment and application. Using the proper ounce of turf along with the correct Shock Pad will displace impact and give you a proper certified play area. With our artificial playground turf systems you can be assured you are getting:

  • ASTM HIC approved tested.
  • Non-abrasive – No more cuts and bruises at the playground. Genesis Turf is soft to the touch and easy on the skin.
  • No grass stains – Kids stay clean and out of trouble when mom goes to wash their clothes.
  • Non-allergenic – Happier healthier kids. Allergies caused by natural grass are a thing of the past.

  • Superior drainage – Genesis Turf drains at a rate of 28 gallons per minute. It’s always ready for play, even immediately after a rain storm.
  • Stable in all climates – winter, spring, summer and fall Genesis Turf gives your protection all year round.
  • Easily replaceable – Replace only the high-traffic zones without replacing the entire playground.

For children and adults, Genesis artificial grass playground surfaces are safer, cleaner and more comfortable than natural sod or a rubber playground grass surfaces. Genesis Turf artificial grass greatly reduces threats from insects, unwanted pests and grass allergies. Our industry leading synthetic grass combined with our installation is able to meet the ASTM 1292 fall height requirements for up to 10 feet. 14 foot heights can be certified with additional ASTM testing and padding adjustments.

Artificial Grass Benefits

  • A play surface that eliminates mud and grass stains
  • No fertilizers and pesticides needed for the non-rubber playground grass surface
  • Hypoallergenic and inherently antimicrobial play surface
  • Most durable playground safety surface available
  • Forgiving, cushioned playground safety surface comforts falls
  • No artificial grass deodorizers or additives needed
  • Dramatically improves water conservation
  • Ultra-Realistic Play Surface

Imagine a state-of-the-art artificial grass play surface created to offer a realistic look and texture, with the ability to drain faster and cleaner than real grass. Our beautiful green artificial grass will stay lush, soft and cushiony through extremes in weather, foot traffic and function … guaranteed!

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