Professional Grade Artificial Grass by Genesis Turf

Only Genesis Turf artificial grass offers you unmatched realism and durability not found in any other product offered today. Our Artificial turf is built with industry leading technology that ensures the quality of our artificial grass products. Genesis Turf is not “just another” synthetic turf, it represents our commitment to quality and integrity while providing you the absolute best for you home or business. At Genesis Turf we are not just a part of the synthetic turf industry, we lead it. Finding the perfect low-maintenance artificial & synthetic turf for your landscape can be a challenge. Genesis Turf provides a waterless, low-maintenance solution that will continue to be realistic, beautiful, and functional for years to come with minimal upkeep! At Genesis Turf we are committed to offering artificial turf systems that exceed expectations of what grass can do. While natural grass is soft and beautiful, it requires specific conditions to grow and thrive. Genesis Turf works to provide our customers the same realistic experience as natural grass, without the maintenance and conditions that cause issues with natural grass. We offer our customers nothing but the best in artificial turf. As an industry innovator, Genesis Turf is committed to developing superior products and continuously defining the future of synthetic grass.

Artificial Lawn Turf & Synthetic Grass

Eliminating a major expense, such as maintaining and watering a lawn, is a huge money saving opportunity that pays for itself and reduces environmental impact. With the costs of watering your lawn, fueling equipment, pesticides, and fertilizers rising, it is becoming more difficult to keep your lawn looking its best. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of a Genesis Turf system. With the Genesis Artificial Turf System you will save money on maintenance costs and be eligible to get money back from your local water authority in some areas. Just think of what you can do with the time and money savings with your new artificial grass system.

No matter how you look at it, keeping a healthy lawn costs you time and money. For example, watering your lawn takes up approximately 50-70% of your water bill each month. Fertilizers work to keep the grass green and lawn maintenance services may reduce your hand on time but neither are easy on the wallet. Without doing all of this you’re a left with a lawn that looks like the “sore thumb” of the neighborhood. At Genesis Turf we think it’s time to cut the high water bills, lose the lawn maintenance expenses, and fire the lawn service guys. It’s time for a Genesis Artificial Grass System!

The Genesis Artificial Turf Systems are designed to help you control all the costs associated with maintaining your lawn. It gives you a perfect green lawn year-round and puts a more green back in your wallet. Who can argue with that?

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Genesis Turf artificial grass is more than just a product, it’s a complete landscape system. Our artificial grass systems include preparation of the ground the artificial grass will be installed on, the drainage through the artificial grass backing, the infill material used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and provide ballast, and the yarn used to create the blades.

Genesis Turf artificial grass matches the look and feel of real grass and requires little to no maintenance. Keep your lawn looking pristine with artificial grass landscaping from Genesis Turf, your trusted artificial turf company.

100% Recyclable

Environmentally sustainable artificial turf helps to provide a way to reduce, reuse and recycle. All of our synthetic turf has the eco-friendly benefit of being 100% recyclable. You will find this in all of our lawn turf, landscape turf, playground turf, putting green mats, and pet turf. Genesis Turf works hard to promote environmental sustainability and a cleaner better future.

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