About Genesis Turf

Genesis Turf is located in Greenville, South Carolina and started with a sports turf background in 2006. Since that time, Genesis Turf has sought to offer the highest quality artificial turf and synthetic grass in the industry. Genesis has grown to become a global leader in high quality artificial turf solutions including artificial lawn turf, artificial pet turf, artificial playground turf, artificial landscape turf, and artificial sports turf. Genesis Turf is a proud supplier to the US military, various US colleges, The Discovery Channel, The City of Miami, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, and fast growing number of great homeowners across the US.

Genesis Turf is both a company and brand name that represents the highest quality and craftsmanship in the artificial turf industry. Being a worldwide supplier of synthetic turf has allowed the Genesis Turf name to grow not only in popularity but with trust in our products.

Professional Products, Professional Results

While the Genesis Turf brand name has existed for commercial and residential applications for only the last decade, our line of artificial turf products have been manufactured and distributed since the 1980’s to professional and collegiate organizations around the globe. At Genesis Turf we do not see ourselves as a low cost or low end provider in the industry. As a matter of fact we can probably point you to a dozen or more low quality low end providers of synthetic turf. At Genesis Turf we pride ourselves on producing high quality, high durability artificial turf with an industry leading quality control program. By choosing Genesis Turf you are guaranteed the best turf and best value for your money. Synthetic turf for sports, landscape, golf or leisure, we offer products best suited for your application. Call us today and find out why Genesis Turf is the fastest growing and most respected name brand in the industry.

Offering An Industry First Artificial Turf System

Genesis artificial turf grass is more than just another product, it is a complete turf system. Our artificial turf grass system includes preparation of the ground allowing for an optimal drainage base and placement of the artificial turf. The infill used in our system is 100% organic meeting and exceeding all 50 state requirements. Genesis Artificial Turf grass matches the look and feel of real grass. When complete you are left with a fully recyclable and partially organic system that requires little to no maintenance. Top off our system with an industry leading 15 year warranty and 2 year install warranty and you can relax knowing your lawn will last you in excess of 20 years.

Honesty, Reliability and Respect

At Genesis Turf we are committed to the development of a successful company that places a strong emphasis on Christian business principles, treating our customers as if they were family, and providing the highest quality product and service in the Industry. Our pledge to our customers is to treat you with honesty in our products, reliability in our services, and to be respectful of your time and property.

Unlike many other companies that a just out to make a quick buck, Genesis Turf will continue to work to create industry leading products and offer the most advanced and eco-friendly artificial turf systems. Whether you are a potential customer or looking for a business opportunity, we offer our sincerest promise to you that we will treat you with respect, operate with honesty, and be a reliable partner you can count on.

Commitment To The Environment

Genesis Turf cares about the environment, and we are proud to contribute to the efforts of greening of our planet earth.

Our lead-free artificial turf products are safe for both humans and animals, making our product ideal for residential and commercial landscape applications. From artificial pet turf to rooftops and playgrounds Genesis turf demonstrates superior quality and no harmful chemicals keeping the environment around us safe. Our products have passed vigorous tests, far exceeded all government standards and are 100% recyclable. Our product line ranges from 38oz. to 150oz. (face weight) with variable color/shade selections. We provide an industry-leading 15-year warranty, and most of our products have a projected life of over 20 years under normal use.