Professional Grade Artificial Sports Turf

Artificial Turf is not only our business; it is where Genesis Turf was founded. Since our beginning in 2006 Genesis Turf has sought to offer only the best in artificial turf, and our synthetic sports turf is no different. Our artificial sports turf line includes, football, baseball, golf, soccer and tennis. Genesis Turf is a leader in the artificial grass industry and has been family owned and operated since its founding. Our highly-experienced staff is committed to helping you select right product for your needs.

Our synthetic turf requires minimal maintenance, no watering, is safer and cleaner for athletes, children and pets. Genesis Sport Turf is cost-effective and allows year-round playing while remaining good for the environment. At Genesis Turf, our innovative research and development ensures that our artificial turf products are made from the highest quality materials. No short cuts or cheap substitutes here. Our field turf for indoor fields and outdoor applications promises the highest quality and durability.

Artificial Sports Turf Solutions

Whether covering football, baseball and soccer fields, golf mats or home plates or used for miniature golf courses, tennis and playgrounds, our extensive product selection is sure to meets your needs. Our artificial turf products ensure that your synthetic turf surfacing offers optimum performance and satisfaction. If you are searching for the perfect artificial grass for any of your sports turf or leisure needs, we have a product for you.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Fields & Sports Facilities
  • Player Safe Football, Baseball and Soccer Field Turf
  • Golf Greens, Miniature Golf Courses and Tennis
  • Play Areas and Playgrounds
  • Residential and Commercial Landscaping
  • Cruise Ships and Bocce Courts
  • Golf Turf and Baseball Mats

Make a wise investment with Genesis artificial grass. We promise you the right product whether for sports turf needs or any kind of field turf. Our products are 100% made in the USA, 100% recyclable and we are 100% committed to quality, performance and safety in all our synthetic turf products.

Safety & Durability

Sports, Players, Fans and Weather can be tough on turf. Genesis Sport Turf is tougher, stronger, and better than any other. When it comes to sports turf, one size does not fit all. Your Genesis Turf installer will work with you to match the appropriate synthetic turf to your specific application, install location, local climate and other factors. Our patented Kool-Max technology keeps players cooler, too – up to 17.5°F cooler than other kinds of turf. Through design, installation and maintenance, Genesis Turf will make sure you have everything you need for a safe, long-lasting field. All Genesis Sport Turf:

  • Meets & Exceeds G-Max Ratings
  • Kool-Max Technology Reduces Heat Absorption by Up To 17.5°F
  • Custom Inlaid Lines & Logos
  • Player Safe Proprietary Backing & Shock-Pads
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Premium American-Made Fibers
  • Player and Child Safe System
  • Highly Durable with Industry Leading 15 Year Warranty

Environmentally Friendly Sports Turf Systems

Genesis Sport Turf products are manufactured to be 100% recyclable and to remain green for a lifetime. Our products are the results of years of R&D, and reflect our desire to offer eco-friendly solutions. Our high-performance sports turf is specially treated to resist the elements and remain green and maintenance free for beauty and enjoyment. Genesis Turf is uniquely designed to withstand extreme temperatures in hot, cold, wet and dry climates and stand up to even the heaviest amounts of foot traffic. At the end of its lifecycle, a Genesis Turf sports field should not lead to the landfill since our unique synthetic turf is fully recyclable!

Most all Genesis Turf products are recyclable thanks to our unique, proprietary backing system. Our systems resists contraction and expansion and will not clog like products that use perforations for drainage. The backing surface also serves as a weed barrier. We challenge you to find a better line of environmentally sustainable products anywhere in the world.

Genesis Artificial Football Turf
Genesis Commercial Football Field Turf offers No mowing. No fertilizers, and No water. That’s right; Genesis Artificial Football Turf is practically maintenance-free, edge-to-edge. You will make a great first impression on everyone who visits your facility and your team will always be on top of their game with pro field performance.

Genesis Artificial Baseball Turf
When it comes to players, safety is paramount. Most injuries occur as the result of dives and falls on surfaces that are abrasive or worse, just unsafe. Genesis Artificial Baseball Turf is the safest turf surface anywhere. Whether you are looking for turf fit for the majors, minors, or little league, Genesis Sport has the product to match perfectly with your needs.

Genesis Artificial Golf Turf
Looking for a turf to match the look and feel of a natural tee box? With Genesis Sport Artificial Golf Turf that is exactly what you get. Our custom-designed golf mats are the closest to the real thing and provide year-round durability that real grass simply can’t match. Looking for Golf Green, Fringe, Fairway, and Rough turf? We offer it all.

Genesis Artificial Soccer Turf
Genesis Sport has invested in developing the ideal system for soccer by incorporating natural ball performance into all of its Artificial Soccer Turf Products. This allows for optimal energy return for players, and top safety features. All Genesis Sport Artificial Soccer Turf exceeds all safety specifications putting players first!

Genesis Artificial Tennis Turf
Genesis Sport Tennis Court Turf incorporates the latest technology and fiber systems in the industry to provide an unsurpassed tennis court surface. Our advanced tennis court turf alleviates impact stress on the body attributed to playing on a hard tennis court surface. Genesis Artificial Tennis Court Turf eliminates maintenance required by asphalt tennis courts.

Genesis Artificial Mini Golf Turf
Genesis Sport Artificial Mini Golf Turf is perfect for miniature golf courses and all golf applications including backyard artificial putting greens and professional golf greens. Our artificial turf looks just like the real thing and plays even better. We give you perfect conditions at the golf mat for every shot. With the most realistic golf surface on the market, we provide an aesthetically pleasing and fun environment to play on.