An Artificial Turf Review From the University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas has placed several orders with Genesis Turf and every time our expectations were exceeded. Genesis has offered outstanding service, support and after hours support when we needed it. All total we have spent over $200,000 with Genesis Turf. We would highly recommend Genesis to anyone.

An Artificial Grass Review From the Discovery Channel

Steve Wolf has been producing films and television programs for 25 years with The Discovery Channel. He is the President of Wolf Stunt-Works Inc., Trial Films, and the founder of Science in the Movies Inc., a non-profit organization that teaches physics and chemistry through stunt demonstrations. When producing the Discovery Channel TV Series Disaster Drills, Steve Wolf chose Genesis Turf to work with him. “Not only did Genesis Turf do the job, but exceed all expectations. The Discovery Channel is happy to work with Genesis Turf.”

An Artificial Grass Review From Fort Bliss, Texas

The staff here at Fort Bliss could not be happier with Genesis Turf. Genesis supplied us with over 18,000 square feet of Artificial Grass for several facility rec fields. The staff at Genesis not only supplied us with what we wanted, but took the time to make suggestions on what we needed. The quality of what we received met our high standards. We can’t thank Genesis Turf enough

An Artificial Grass Review From The Make A Wish Foundation

Thanks to the donations received from Genesis Turf, the Make-A-Wish Foundation was able to provide a sports field to help provide a day of play to one of our Make-A-Wish cancer patients. In our opinion there is no greater testimony than a company willing to give up its time and materials to help dreams come true for others. Your time and consideration will not be forgotten.

An Artificial Grass Review From Langley Airforce Base

Before spending over $110,000 on our facilities we did extensive research on different artificial turf companies. Genesis Turf was the only one that took the extra time with us needed to understand our project. We purchased a full setup from them along with everything needed for installation. The Artificial Turf we purchased is both high quality and the service we received was excellent. A big thanks to Genesis Turf for their support and assistance.

An Artificial Grass Review From the City of Miami

The city of Miami has had a great experience with Genesis Turf. Their staff took its time to help with the custom specs we needed. They asked us questions on what we wanted and needed for our field. Within a couple of days we had a rough draft and Genesis Turf kept us informed throughout the process. We could not be happier with the quality and materials used and the level of support given. The City of Miami would not only be happy to order again, we are going too! Look for future orders again soon. Thank You!

An Artificial Grass Review FromFort Polk Louisiana

Fort Polk has placed orders in excess of $100,000 from Genesis Turf. Genesis has outfitted us with all field items needed and they did all of this while meeting a very strict deadline. Any questions we have had their staff has been fast to answer, and the quality of the support we have received has been unmatched. We look forward to a continued relationship. Thanks again.

An Artificial Grass Review From Mark in Oregon

As a proud new owner of Genesis turf I’d like to offer some of the more shared reasons of why customers such as myself choose to have synthetic lawn installed. My neighbors have a similar lay out of grass in front of their homes. The sprinklers had to be on in the morning and night just to keep it mostly green.

We have less in common now, because I no longer complain about the rising cost of water bills. The other reason is maintenance for the Genesis lawn turf is down to nothing. No more pest problems or products. The Genesis team stands by their product and quality of installation. All work was completed on time and within my budget. I let them do their work and valued their opinions and suggestions along the way.

Genesis lawn looked and felt real in the sample I received in the mail, but even more so once it’s down on the ground. I find it to be superior in quality and have more natural esthetics than other products on the market. I would absolutely recommend Genesis turf to be installed for anyone considering artificial turf.

An Artificial Grass Review From Deborah in Washington

I spent over 3 months considering different turf suppliers and weighing out samples from everyone. In the end it was Genesis Turf that not only provided the best sample, but the best price as well. The installation team took extra time to contour the turf for a natural look I know I am going to enjoy for a long time. My dog loves it too. I am referring my neighbors and family to Genesis Turf!

An Artificial Grass Review From Lori in Washington

We selected Genesis Turf for our DIY project. We love the turf and it was easy to recognize the high quality. The staff went out of their way to deliver the turf in a hard to access area and continued to follow up with us to make sure we were satisfied. I would highly recommend Genesis Turf.

An Artificial Grass Review From Patrick in Oregon

I went with Genesis Turf based on reviews from friends that loved the turf. The freight company gave me a hard time on delivery but my rep at Genesis worked extra hours to see that my shipment arrived on time. I appreciate the extra effort and the turf is great. Thanks again.

An Artificial Grass Review From Karen in Washington

We spent 2 months making a selection on artificial turf for our backyard. Throughout the process Genesis Turf was consistent in taking care of our concerns and was fast to respond to any questions … and we had a lot of them! They went the extra mile to have a special delivery made and we look forward to years of enjoyment on the new turf. PS: expect calls from our very jealous neighbors!

An Artificial Grass Review From Rachel in Washington

We had just a small area in our backyard that did not meet the minimum install for Genesis Turf. The guys took the extra time to notice they had a crew in the area and took care of our yard despite not meeting their minimum. I can’t say thank you enough for taking that extra time to look after us and working in our install. You guys can expect referrals from us.

An Artificial Grass Review From Kerilyn in Washington

We own a 6000 sq ft dog agility park and selected Genesis Turf based on quality and support. We had several other companies bid on our project but none of them really seemed to care past giving a sample and wanting our money. There was a huge difference having a Genesis Turf rep on site. He actually cared about our business and took the time to go over a variety of options. We can’t wait to start our training on the new turf! Thank You.

An Artificial Grass Review From Tom in Florida

We had heard a lot about Genesis Turf and decided to put them to the test. With over 30,000 sq ft of turf for various sports fields I feel we have thoroughly done just that. The Genesis artificial turf product has taken week after week abuse and continues to perform past expectations. The staff has supported us from early samples now past 6 months of first use. I look forward to continued business with Genesis Turf.

An Artificial Grass Review From Mike in Texas

We had a smaller 900 sq ft backyard and considered artificial grass for a long time. Genesis Turf was fast to respond to our questions and sent out samples next day. Their installation crew was professional and took our opinions into consideration for a realistic look to the yard. We have been pleased with our selection and would gladly choose Genesis Turf again.

An Artificial Grass Review From John in Texas

We thought we were using Genesis Turf for a 3rd quote just to see some added numbers. As it turns out we used them for both our front and backyard. In the end their product and professionalism won us over. Thanks again for your service!

An Artificial Grass Review From Kathy in Texas

My husband and I needed a safe backyard areas for our kids to play without having to worry about mulch and other hazards. Genesis turf created a beautiful spot for our kids to play and once the playground was installed our kids won’t come back inside. Thanks for giving us just what we asked for.

An Artificial Grass Review From Michelle in Louisiana

Beautiful work guys … simply outstanding! Not only does the turf look real but the way your guys installed it to look curved and shaped really helps that natural appearance. It is going to be nice to have a manageable water bill and time on the weekends. Who knew!