Artificial Grass Cost Calculator: Materials

Thinking of installing artificial grass pronto? Enter your square footage and get the full list of materials and equipment you need for your project with calculated amounts, approximate prices, and rental fees.

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Total Lawn Size: 10,763,599.89 sq.ft.

Total perimeter: 834,567.94 ft. Approx. amount of seams: 26122


MaterialQtyWeightUnit CostTotal
Drain Rock
2-2 1/2 inches
83,052.35 yd3224,241,350.44 lbs (112,120.68 ton)$7.16/yd3$594,654.84
Decomposed Granite
1-1 1/2 inches
49,831.41 yd3124,578,528.02 lbs (62,289.26 ton)$8.50/ton$529,458.74
40D Nails
3-4 inches apart along the perimeter & 12-24 inches throughout center
1073260 nails63133 lbs$4.30/lb$271,471.55
6″x1″x6″ staples
4 inches apart along the seam
804945 staples8050 boxes$4.50/box$36,225.00
EasySeam Tape 4.5″ x 66′4442947$21.99$97,700,404.53
Weed Barrier (optional)10763599.89 sq.ft.$0.07$753,451.99
Wire Mesh (optional)10763599.89 sq.ft.0.30/sq.ft.$3,202,170.97

Artificial Grass

Synthetic TurfSizeCost per sq.ft.Discount(%)Total
10763599.89 sq.ft.$19,159,207.80


TypePile Height (inches)WeightCost per lb.Total
10,763,596 lbs0.10/lb.$1,094,657.67

Tools Rental

ToolPeriodMinimum RateDaily RateTotal
Plate Compactor24 Hours$55.00/4 Hours$80.00$80.00
Power Broom (optional)24 Hours$50.00/4 Hours$70.00$70.00
EasySeam Machine (optional)24 Hours$50.00/4 Hours$70.00$70.00
Sod Cutter (optional)24 Hours$67.00/4 Hours$95.00$95.00


Total Cost


$11.46/per sq.ft.

Delivery and labor are not included.

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