An Artificial Grass Review From Mark in Oregon

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As a proud new owner of Genesis turf I’d like to offer some of the more shared reasons of why customers such as myself choose to have synthetic lawn installed. My neighbors have a similar lay out of grass in front of their homes. The sprinklers had to be on in the morning and night just to keep it mostly green.

We have less in common now, because I no longer complain about the rising cost of water bills. The other reason is maintenance for the Genesis lawn turf is down to nothing. No more pest problems or products. The Genesis team stands by their product and quality of installation. All work was completed on time and within my budget. I let them do their work and valued their opinions and suggestions along the way.

Genesis lawn looked and felt real in the sample I received in the mail, but even more so once it’s down on the ground. I find it to be superior in quality and have more natural esthetics than other products on the market. I would absolutely recommend Genesis turf to be installed for anyone considering artificial turf.

September 20, 2017