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What Is the Difference Between AstroTurf and Artificial Grass?

What Is the Difference Between AstroTurf and Artificial Grass?

When most people hear the word AstroTurf, they immediately think of it as a term synonymous with residential artificial grass. However, AstroTurf isn’t actually a name given to artificial grass; it is a brand name for a blend of artificial sports turf created in the 1960s. Much like how Kleenex has become synonymous with tissue, or how Band-Aid has become a term for any kind of bandage, AstroTurf has become a “catch-all” name. So, if AstroTurf isn’t just another word for artificial grass, then what is it?

The History of AstroTurf

AstroTurf was originally sold under the name ChemGrass. ChemGrass was originally used in the Houston Astrodome, where it gained much of its fame. Soon after, an employee of

AstroTurf, Astro Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Sports Turf

Old AstroTurf in the Astro Dome

ChemGrass coined the name AstroTurf as a nickname for the Astrodome’s synthetic field, and the name has since stuck. Soon after its inception, AstroTurf was a hit and was installed in many professional sports stadiums throughout the country.

In 1970, AstroTurf was used for the first time in a world series when the Reds played the Baltimore Orioles. The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs soon followed suit at Rich Stadium and Arrowhead Stadium, respectively. As time went on, more and more teams began to adopt Astroturf in their home fields. However, concerns about player maneuverability and traction soon crept into the forefront, leading AstroTurf to employ a crimped texture to its original material, a concept researched in conjunction with the company Monsanto.

AstroTurf and its partners enjoyed much success until the end of the century when more and more competitors began to emerge into the artificial turf scene. Soon, the original company was forced to declare bankruptcy. Eventually, the brand name was acquired by Textile Management Associates where it is marketed to this day, though with much different technology than was used in the original AstroTurf.


How Artificial Grass Has Changed

Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Football Turf, Artificial Soccer Turf, Sports Turf

Newer Artificial Sports Turf Systems Can Last Over a Decade!

When today’s artificial grass or sports turf is mentioned, it is often referred to as AstroTurf, which

many athletes associate with the original rough, harsh, and difficult to navigate turf. This outdated technology has given artificial turf a bad name in the sports world; however, so much has changed since the days of AstroTurf. Technological advances have helped make artificial sports turf easy to switch directions on, cushioned to absorb impacts, and more durable than ever before. Let’s take a look at how artificial sports turf can provide you with a home field advantage.

How Technology Has Played a Role

Unlike the AstroTurf of old, today’s artificial grass is made of reinforced synthetic fibers that are virtually identical to traditional grass. Modern research has developed fibers that add flexibility, comfort, and strength underfoot. Where old AstroTurf would fail under consistent use, modern turf has strong infill that stands the test of time while still providing tremendous cushioning.

Modern artificial grass has more than one layer of padding which helps to absorb impact, whereas the original AstroTurf has been compared to a rough dirt surface. Artificial grass also has the benefit of being installed with computer-aided-drafting. This ensures that the grass is installed perfectly level and avoids any unwanted bumps or uneven surfaces.

Today’s artificial turf is also engineered for maximum drainage to avoid a muddy, puddled-filled surface. The system in place is designed to let water percolate and flow directly to the base layer and into the soil. The artificial grass is also perforated with holes that drain much better than the AstroTurf of old, and even better than natural grass.


What Modern Artificial Grass Can Do For You

Keeps Players Safe

The soft, smooth, synthetic blades that makeup today’s artificial turf act as a buffer between players and the harsh ground, adding a layer of protection which is incredibly useful in a high-impact game like

Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Soccer Turf, Artificial Football Turf, Sports Turf

New Artificial Sports Turf System Have Been Proven Safer Than Natural Grass!

football, or a game with frequent diving like soccer or baseball.

Unlike a traditional grass surface, which wears throughout the game, durable artificial sports turf won’t develop any ruts or divots that can trip players, causing injury. You won’t need to stop your game mid-way through to make any repairs. Plus, synthetic turf offers incredible drainage, so you’ll never get stuck trying to trudge through a mud-filled mess if it rains before or during your game. Artificial turf stands up against any weather conditions and playing conditions to keep your players on solid footing.


Reduces Costs While Virtually Eliminating Maintenance

While artificial sports turf is an investment for the future that pays off for years to come, the benefits start immediately. Anyone who owns a large field knows just how much maintenance is required to keep it in pristine or even manageable condition, but with sports turf, you’ll no longer have to stress yourself with maintenance.

Maybe you spend, on average, an hour or two a week using a lawn mower or riding mower, raking leaves, spraying for weeds, and odd maintenance jobs on your field. If you’re lucky enough to only have to maintain your field during the spring and summer, that’s 52 hours a year, or over two days! Want that time back?  Install artificial turf. You can lock up the weed-whacker and lawn mower in the shed, permanently.

Alternatively, if you pay or plan to pay a maintenance team to keep your field in tip-top shape, you can keep that money in your bank account. The maintenance needed for a synthetic field is minimal—you can periodically blow off debris with a leaf blower. Plus, maintaining a field takes both time and resources. Synthetic sports turf is already paying for itself before you take into account money saved on fuel, oil, equipment and other upkeep costs.


Provides a Beautiful, Professional Looking Field

When you look at professional sports stadiums on TV and see those gorgeous green fields and crisp

Artificial Soccer Turf, Artificial Football Turf, Artificial Sports Turf, Sports Turf

New Artificial Sports Turf Fields Are Low Maintenance & Far More Reliable Than Natural Grass!

white lines, you probably think that’s unattainable for a high school field or even for your yard or commercial business, but that’s far from true.

Today’s artificial turf is made of strong, durable synthetic fibers that look and feel just like the real thing. Unlike traditional grass, artificial turf contains reinforced blades and sturdy infill that will never break down or degrade. In fact, modern sports turf can last as long as 20 years with minimal maintenance. You don’t want fans, players, or customers to judge a book by its cover, but if you have a shoddy landscape, potential customers or prospects will be more likely to just keep on walking. A professional field tells players and fans that you mean business. You want fans and their families to have a great experience, and artificial turf provides just that.


Creates a Positive Impact on the Game

Whether you’re playing baseball, football, soccer, field hockey, or any other sport, you want your field to have a real advantage over the competition. Many of these sports require sharp pivots, quick changes of direction, dives, jump, and sprints, and artificial turf allows for marvelous maneuvering. You want your players to feel confident in making athletic moves, and you want them protected when they do, so you choose artificial sports turf over unforgiving, slippery, quick to degrade grass.

More so, artificial turf provides a consistent bounce, allowing soccer or baseball players to judge the trajectory of a ball and not worry about it hitting a divot and careening in another direction. This gives them the confidence to make the plays they need to, when they need to, resulting in an overall better team and a better product on the field. Plus, your players will feel safer making those plays because of artificial turf’s ability to absorb shock, decrease impacts, and minimize injuries.

Have you ever been onto a baseball or football field after a rainstorm? It can be almost impossible to play on. Luckily, one of biggest impacts artificial grass provides on any outdoor game is its ability to avoid pooling water and mud. The polyethylene blades allow rain water to run quickly through the grass and into the soil below. You won’t have to worry about players getting stuck in the mud and creating a subpar product on the field, and you will have to worry even less about rain delays.


Saves the Environment, Saves Money

When it comes time to make the switch to artificial sports turf, the environment is probably the last thing on your mind, but it may just be the biggest area of impact. By using sports turf instead of grass,

Artificial Baseball Turf, Astroturf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Sports Turf

Artificial Sports Turf Is 100% Recyclable & Safe For The Environment!

you’ll eliminate the need for lugging out a sprinkler system during the dry season. You don’t need water to keep your turf a rich green all year-round, so you’ll save on water and substantially decrease your water bill each month. Plus, many municipalities provide tax relief for companies who make investments toward water conservation, so artificial grass can provide you valuable credits and write-offs.

You’ll also say goodbye to any dangerous chemical weed killers that you’ve used in the past, since your artificial grass will keep out any unwanted growth while keeping kids, players, and maintenance technicians safe from harm.

Have questions on how artificial sports turf can benefit your school, park, facility or sports program? Give Genesis Turf a call today at 855-887-3435 and allow us to work with you in providing a state of the art field for your players and spectators. Genesis Turf has been an industry trusted Artificial Turf Supplier since 2006.

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Artificial Grass is Perfect for Parks

Artificial Grass for Parks

Have you ever heard the phrase “it’ll be a walk in the park?” Ironically enough, it doesn’t apply to

Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Pet Turf

Artificial Grass Can Save Parks Major Money in Up-Keep Expenses

running a park, especially a large park like a city park. The logistics can be stressful. Park owners have to worry about staying under budget year round while hosting and running events, keeping the park clean and crime-free, and maintaining the lawn, gardens, playgrounds, and other landscapes. With all of that in mind, they also need to make sure everyone has a safe, fun time at their park.

Thankfully, maintenance concerns, safety issues, and budget can all be assisted in a big way with one simple decision—installing artificial turf at the park. In this article, we’re going to talk about how artificial turf on a playground, a pet area, or across any landscape can make a positive impact on the budget of park owners and the experience of park-goers everywhere.

Maintenance Costs

Need to balance your budget short term and for the foreseeable future? Installing artificial grass is one of the best ways to do it. Greatly reduced maintenance costs are by far the top reason that large park developers seek artificial grass. They soon realize it has a wide list of other incredible benefits, but cost always remains the king concern.

Employing a groundskeeper or bringing in a crew is an expensive, long-term mistake that many park owners make. A full-time groundskeeper can easily cost $40,000 a year, and that’s just one employee. No person can maintain a large city park by himself, so imagine that cost growing exponentially as more and more projects need to be completed.

Also consider the cost of equipment, as park owners are often left footing the bill. Riding lawn mowers, weed wackers, tillers, augers, and more can add up. Even as rentals, these tools can quickly raise your bill to unmanageable levels. If a crew brings their own equipment, park owners are often left paying extra fees for fuel, oil, and any additional upkeep costs.

On the other hand, maintenance for artificial turf is easy. A quick run through with a leaf blower will clear any debris that may add up, or even just a quick walkthrough to pick up twigs can do the job.

Safety First

Modern artificial playground turf must meet ASTM standards and requirements, and it always

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass

Artificial Turf Increases Safety & Usability of Park Playground Areas with Zero Maintenance

outperforms its natural grass cousin in every test. Artificial playground turf is designed to dramatically reduce the impact from falls from any height to keep kids protected. In addition, cuts, scrapes, and serious injury are dramatically reduced as each individual fiber is reinforced with a durable, cushioning material.

Most parks have landscape surfaces covered in mulch or dirt which, after repeated use, can create dangerous ruts and divots, especially around extensively used equipment like a merry-go-round or swing set. If a child catches one of these ruts, it can cause pulls, sprains, or worse. Installing artificial playground turf ensures that the park is smooth, flat, and uniform throughout. Artificial turf will last for years with minimal maintenance, keeping park owners and park goers safe and happy for a long, long time.

Artificial Pet Turf is Critical for Pet Areas

Pet parks are becoming more and more popular every day, and pet-friendly areas are a necessity

Artificial Pet Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Gras

Artificial Pet Turf for Parks is 100% Antimicrobial and Fully Recyclable

in any modern day city park or large park. Artificial pet turf makes it easy to have a minimal maintenance, cost-efficient, easy to clean area.

We all know how quickly a natural grass yard can be torn up by one dog. Imagine dozens of dogs

running wild across a lawn, digging as they please, day in and day out. That nightmare can easily be prevented by installing artificial pet turf. It’s durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean up after any dog. The antimicrobial blades quickly absorb and eliminate odors to keep any park smelling fresh. Cleaning up pet waste is as simple as ever; just use a scoop like you normally would.

Artificial pet turf doesn’t require any chemicals to maintain (another cost savings), so it’s safe for extended use by all sorts of pets, and the fibers keep away ticks and fleas to prevent any infestation. Each blade of grass is designed with comfort in mind, so furry friends will be glad to roll around in a park that feels and looks amazing.

To learn more about how artificial turf grass can benefit your park, playground, or business,  give Genesis Turf a call at 855-887-3435.

Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Football Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Sports Grass, Field Turf

How Artificial Sports Turf Can Benefit Your Football Field


How Artificial Sports Turf Can Benefit Your Football Field

A decade ago, playing football on a artificial sports turf was something that no athlete looked forward to. It was essentially rough plastic, and it felt as harsh on knees and joints as playing on a rough dirt field. However, in recent years, modern technology has

Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Football Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Sports Grass, Field Turf

Artificial Football Field Turf

enhanced the look and feel of artificial football turf dramatically. It looks indistinguishable from its natural grass cousin—in fact, it looks just as verdant and rich as a well-kept natural grass football field. The feel is equally as impressive; each synthetic turf fiber is consistent with the next, creating a smooth, rut-free surface that absorbs impact incredibly well. The benefits below make installing artificial football turf a no-brainer for any high school, college, or private school.

Keep Your Field Turf Stronger, Longer

Even with daily use, artificial football turf lasts longer than any other options available. With minimal maintenance, it can withstand your players trotting out onto the field for as long as 20 years. Sounds good, right? Now compare it to your traditional football field which needs attention after every game as cleats crash into dirt, dig up grass, and create ruts and divots all over the field.

Unlike natural grass, a synthetic turf field won’t become worn into unsightly pathways or a patchy mess with each quick turn, sharp pivot, or march downfield. When you have large linemen jostling with one another for position, all of that grass your groundskeeper worked hard to bring to life quickly turns to mush underfoot, but with modern field turf, you won’t have to worry about patching up holes after each game.

Keep Your Players Safe with a Soft, Smooth Surface

When you use dirt or a traditional grass field, you are putting your players at an unnecessary risk for injuries. The soft, synthetic blades and structural padding on an artificial sports turf act as an added layer of protection in a game with constant impact. More importantly, your field will not deteriorate during a game and you won’t have any stoppages for repairs. Synthetic turf also offers superior drainage, so you’ll never have to worry about your field becoming a flooded muddy mess on a rainy day.

On a normal field, each play chews up your field and eventually creates dangerous ruts and divots leading to inevitable injuries as your impact player catches a rut and twists an ankle. Artificial turf stays strong against the toughest plays and keeps your players on solid ground.

Minimal Maintenance Means Minimal Expense

A synthetic sports field is an investment that pays off in short order in regard to both time and money. A maintenance crew is an expense that many schools cannot afford, and with artificial turf the need

Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Football Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Sports Grass, Field Turf

Artificial Football Field Turf

for upkeep and repairs is virtually eliminated. You no longer need to mow, maintain and spend hours trimming and edging with a weed-whacker (in fact, you can do without these purchases entirely). This becomes a dramatic advantage before you even think about the money you’ll save in fuel, oil, water and upkeep costs. Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about installing a sprinkler system or dragging out the hoses in a dry season (or dry climate), and you’ll save on all the associated water costs.

If you’re worried about what kind of upkeep your field turf will require—don’t be. Generally a quick run through with a leaf-blower will clear up any debris that has accumulated, and often you can simply do a quick walk-through and pick up the few twigs that have gathered. The time you save can be spent on the things that are important to your football program like practice and recruitment, and you can spend money on helmets instead of lawn mowers.

Influence on the Game

When you play at home, you want to have a home-field advantage, and artificial football turf delivers. Players have steadier footing as a result of the structural padding woven into the turf which allows for more secure pivots and stops. This lets your team get a feel for the field that they can use to their advantage. It will also reduce injuries on both sides of the field.

Influence on the Environment

Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Football Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Sports Grass, Field Turf

Artificial Sports Field Turf

By upgrading to synthetic turf, you’ll be making a positive impact on your environment that sets a great example for your students. Over the long life of your field, you’ll be conserving a tremendous amount of water. The lack of regular maintenance will also reduce emissions and conserve fossil fuels as you won’t be running any heavy equipment, and you’ll never have to use any fertilizers or pesticides—saving the environment and your wallet.

Installing artificial football turf is a cost-effective way to maintain a beautiful football field with a professional look without all the maintenance, expense, and environmental headaches.

Have questions on how artificial sports turf can benefit your school, park, or program? Give Genesis Turf a call today at 855-887-3435 and allow us to work with you in providing a state of the art field for your players and spectators.

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass & Your Rental Property

Getting Green with Artificial Grass

The landscape of a rental property, town-home, or other commercial residence is the first attribute that is noticed by any potential resident. Whether it is in person or on Google Maps, those searching for their

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass for Rental Properties

next home will scrutinize every last detail that they can. How full and green is the grass? Is the lawn well-maintained? Are there patches of dirt, ruts, or divots in the ground?

Even if you keep your landscape in top shape, heavy rainfall can turn it into a muddy mess, and your book will be judged by its cover before potential clients even step inside. In the following article, I want to discuss how artificial grass can play a pivotal role in increasing rental desirability, decreasing short and long-term costs, and keeping great tenants happy where they’re at.

How Artificial Grass Saves You Green

Every landlord knows that one of your biggest profit-crushing costs is maintenance. Often home repairs can be unavoidable, but the money you spend on lawn upkeep is definitely a cost you can cut. If you own a community of town-homes, you may be spending over six figures and beyond on employing a full-time maintenance person or crew. Costs are even higher in popular tourist cities like Orlando, Tampa, and Dallas.

Artificial grass is an incredible investment that will pay off each and every day. For town-homes or rental properties with a small yard, your investment will be minimal and will likely pay off immediately. Costs on equipment like lawn mowers, weed wackers, and tillers will be cut out of the budget right off the bat. Long-term costs like fuel, oil, and equipment upkeep will continue to accrue long after you lay down your new artificial landscape turf. Artificial grass doesn’t require any more maintenance than picking up a few twigs at a residential property. Not to mention it will look like a well maintained natural law year-round.

Why Artificial Grass is More Desirable for Tenants

In Tampa Bay, Florida, the rental median was $1,086—more than $100 over the US median. Desirability

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass for Townhomes

drives up costs, and the market can be competitive for both tenants and landlords. A great way to sell your rental property to tenants is to let them know that they’ll never need to mow their lawn or go to great lengths to keep their grass green.

For tenants with families, modern artificial grass meets and exceeds ASTM standards and requirements for safety and fall protection. Children and adults alike will never have to worry about uneven landscapes, holes, or divots that can become a safety hazard and cause falls or other injuries. Parents will also be happy to hear that artificial grass has incredible draining capabilities that will prevent puddles and mud. No more pets or kids dragging mud through the house or kicking muddy shoes off onto the carpet.

Artificial turf is also perfect for small town-homes, especially pet-friendly residences. It creates a small, virtually maintenance-free area for pets to play, and pet-waste cleanup is easy—just scoop like you would on any other grass, and give it a quick squirt with a hose. The antimicrobial fibers within each blade of grass ensure that your yard stays odor free.

Whether you or your tenant is paying the water bill, artificial turf helps to keeps the cost down. During the dry season in a popular tourist city like San Francisco, California, the bill can really start to add up. By conserving water, you’ll help sell the property to prospective renters, help save the planet, and you may even receive a tax credit per-square-foot of artificial turf for your water conservation efforts.

It’s Not Your Father’s Artificial Turf

The green space in your rental home can employ top-of-the-line, advanced artificial landscape turf that eliminates any issues that outdated turf used to have. It can get hot in popular rental locations like

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass for Rental Properties

Dallas, Texas but modern turf is able to reflect sunlight and reduce the sun’s thermal effects, keeping your tenants cool year round.

Aesthetically, artificial turf looks as green, well-trimmed, and natural as the ordinary, well-maintained lawn next door, but the effort and cost are dramatically reduced. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference visually, and each blade is reinforced with a comfortable, strong padding to keep your artificial turf feeling soft to the touch. Most importantly, today’s artificial grass is durable. It can last well over 26 years with minimal maintenance, making it a great long-term investment for any town-home community or rental property.

For more information on of Artificial Grass can benefit your home, rental property or business, contact Genesis Turf today at 855-887-3435, or by emailing

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Pet Turf, Dallas TX, Ft Worth TX, Texas

Artificial Grass in Dallas, Ft. Worth


The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is the fourth-most populous metropolitan area in all of the United States, and it is a trend-setter for the rest of the country. It’s well known that Dallas and Fort Worth residents take great pride in their homes, yards, and landscapes. As a result, more and more homes and business throughout Dallas and Fort Worth have decided to turn to artificial grass.

The results speak for themselves. While their neighbors are melting under sweltering summer temperatures, artificial turf owners can sit back with a drink on the porch, relax, and enjoy their luxurious, low-maintenance, high-efficiency turf. Artificial grass is safer than natural grass for children pets, and it’s easy to clean, too. With today’s turf technology, artificial grass trumps the alternative in every way.


Artificial Grass is Clean and Professional

How many times has your dog tracked in clumps of mud or grass all over the kitchen floor or

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Pet Turf, Dallas TX, Ft Worth TX, Texas

Dallas, Ft Worth Artificial Grass

carpets? It can be a hassle to scrub your pet head-to-toe each time they come inside, and if it rains

they might as well be a walking ball of mud. Add in a few kids, and it can be impossible to keep your house clean.

With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about any of that. When it rains, superior drainage technology allows water to flow directly through each layer of turf without ever pooling on the surface—guaranteed. This keeps your home free from disease-carrying pests that tend to gather around pools of water.

A lot of Dallas and Fort Worth homes have yards full of gravel and mulch that constantly scatter and create holes. It’s even difficult to keep natural grass yards free of holes, ruts, divots, unseemly pathways, and other unsightly deterioration. If you own a home, these problems can be annoying and embarrassing. If you own a business, someone catching a rut and injuring themselves can be costly.

Artificial turf can be installed on uneven surfaces to create a smooth, soft surface. Each blade of artificial grass is engineered to cushion falls and provide uniformity and create a solid grip to prevent slips. As an added bonus, your business will have the appearance of a well-maintained, professional lawn without paying for a groundskeeper. With advancements in turf technology, artificial grass has never looked more natural. With varying blade heights colors, and styles, it is almost impossible to distinguish natural from artificial.

You’ll also be able to save on water costs from running a sprinkler in the dry season, and as a bonus, some townships and cities provide tax incentives for water conservation for each square foot of artificial turf in use, so you’ll be saving money in more ways than one.


Artificial Pet Turf is Great for Dogs

Dallas is ranked within the top-10 cities to own a pet, and if you own a dog, you have even more

Artificial Pet Grass, Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Dallas TX, Ft Worth TX, Texas

Dallas Ft Worth Artificial Pet Grass

reason to get artificial pet turf. You already know that artificial pet turf can keep your furry friends clean, but how will your pets affect the cleanliness of your turf? Luckily, it’s simple to clean up after your pup. It’s easy to clean and deodorize, all you need to do is scoop pet waste like you normally would, and hose off your turf for added cleanliness.

Urine will drain quickly and easily with modern artificial pet turf, so minimal maintenance is needed. Artificial grass is created with anti-microbial agents that kill odors and prevent bacteria from forming. These built-in agents are designed to keep your lawn odor free and clean year-round. If your dog has a favorite spot to mark and you want to go above-and-beyond, you can give it a quick rinse and wash with vinegar.

As far as safety goes, artificial pet turf has no competitor. You’ll never need to spray any dangerous weed-killer, pesticides, or other chemicals that can hurt your pets, and you’ll never have to worry about fleas or ticks invading your yard to find a new home on your dog.


Save Time and Money with Low Maintenance Turf

With so much to do in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, from the gorgeous parks, the incredible array of science and nature museums, to the must-visit restaurants, why would you want to waste

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Dallas Texas, Ft Worth Texas

Artificial Turf Installation in Dallas Texas

time mowing your lawn, spraying for weeds, or buying expensive fertilizers?

You won’t have to purchase heavy equipment like lawnmowers and tillers, which results in instant savings. That doesn’t even mention the long-term costs on fuel, oil, and repairs that you’ll never spend a dime on. With all of your new-found time and money, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the unique attractions that the metropolitan area provides.

With crews servicing the entire Dallas, Ft Worth area, give Genesis Turf a call today to see how we can help make life a little easier by removing your lawn maintenance chores. 855-887-3435 or

Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Soccer Turf, Artificial Soccer Grass

10 Ways Artificial Soccer Turf Can Prevent Injuries & Save Money

Artificial sports turf has come a long way in the last decade, from both an aesthetic and functionality standpoint. Sports turf does a stellar job emulating the benefits of natural grass like softness, feel, flexibility,

Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Soccer Turf, Artificial Sports Grass

Genesis Artificial Soccer Turf

and affordability while practically eliminating its drawbacks like uneven surfaces and high maintenance. Innovations in artificial soccer turf allow us to have the best of

both worlds. If you have a school or sports club interested in saving money and keeping your players safe, keep reading below for 10 ways that artificial turf can help.

  • Reinforced Synthetic Fibers Add Cushioning and Strength

Modern research has led to constant advances in the quality of artificial sports turf. Gone are the days of flat, worn-out fibers. Modern turf boasts reinforced blades and strong infill that holds up over time. This keeps synthetic grass upright and supports fast action underfoot.

  • Multiple Layers of Padding Soften Falls

Another benefit of today’s turf is that it often has multiple layers that provide cushioning, from the rigorously tested padding to the impact-absorbing surface layer of soft fibers.

  • Artificial Soccer Turf Creates Sure Footing

There is no sport that is faster or requires more elusive, last-second movements than soccer. When you need to dodge a defender or stop on a dime to accept a pass, you need to know what your terrain is like and trust it to keep you from sliding or falling. Artificial soccer turf installations, aided by computer-aided-drafting, make perfectly balanced terrain out of a previously bumpy surface.

  • Natural Grass Constantly Breaks Down
Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Soccer Turf, Artificial Soccer Grass

Genesis Artificial Sports Turf

It can be difficult to maintain natural grass. It just isn’t predictable, and as a result, you often have a choppy, patchy field halfway through the game. There isn’t time or money to have repairs mid-way through a game, and your students and players often suffer as a result. One of the major causes of injury for youth soccer players is hitting a rut or uneven terrain and twisting their ankle. Artificial soccer turf stays flat and dependable through each and every game.

  • Better Playing Surfaces Make Better Players

There is no doubt that having higher-quality turf will enhance the play on the field. The bounce and roll of a soccer ball become more stable, and players can execute better on the field. Players are more confident and worry less about injuries, and the end result is a high-caliber game that brings more parents and spectators.

  • No More Maintenance Machinery

You can lock your lawnmower and weed-wacker away in the sports club shed. If you haven’t bought them yet, that’s even better. Save yourself a few hundred dollars off the bat, you won’t need them. You won’t need a grounds crew to run them, either.

  • Less Time Spent For the Same Pristine Turf

The amount of maintenance required for sports turf is minimal when compared to traditional grass. We all

Artificial Soccer Turf, Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Sports Grass,

Genesis Artificial Soccer Sport Turf

know that time is money, and you’ll save both. Maintenance consists of periodically running a leaf blower to remove excess debris, or just picking up a few sticks.

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Expenditures

Without all of that lawn equipment running weekly, you’ll save money and the environment. You no longer need to add gas, oil, and other additives to your equipment. In addition, you can get rid of any harmful pesticides and weed-killers that you once had to use to keep your field from overgrowing with pests and plants.

  • Stop Wasting Water

This is another environmentally friendly, wallet-saving benefit. In the hot summer months, you’ll no longer need to purchase or run a sprinkler nightly to keep your lawn verdant and healthy.

  • Tax Rebates Add Up

Many cities and townships offer tax incentives for your water conservation. They often provide rebates for every square foot of artificial turf you use.

Artificial soccer turf provides an incredible return on investment in the form of prevented injuries and drastic cost savings. From the minute you install your turf all the way up to 20 years later or longer, you’ll be reaping the benefits of a great decision.

For more information please contact Genesis Turf at 855-887-3435 or at

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How Artificial Playground Turf Can Benefit You

How Artificial Playground Turf Can Benefit You

If you’re thinking about installing a new playground surface at your school, daycare, or

business, there are a variety of factors that should go into your decision. How safe is it? How

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Genesis Play-Safe Turf

Artificial Playground Turf

well will it stand the test of time? How clean will it be? How well will it drain? How much is it all going to cost? Each different type of surface material passes some of these tests, but only a proper artificial playground turf system gives you the answer that you want to hear in each of

these categories. Genesis Turf has taken artificial playground turf a step further with our 5 step playground safety system. Let’s take a closer look at how our 5 steps exceed expectations and flawlessly surpass ASTM and IPEMA standards.

Part 1: Our Powerful Drainage Base Works Wonders

The first step in our playground safety system may very well be the most important when it comes to stability and cleanliness. Genesis Turf uses an advanced drainage rock base as the foundation to our system. This foundation can drain at rates that exceed 45 inches an hour. As a result, your kids stay cleaner, unlike traditional rubber, dirt, or mulch surfaces which puddle water at the surface and create an unsightly, muddy messes. In addition, Genesis Turf artificial playground grass dries faster than any other surface. This allows your kids access to the playground immediately following rainfall without worrying about getting messy or losing traction.

Part 2: Playground Safe Padding Protects your Little Ones

Genesis Turf proprietary Play-SmartPadding is the best in the business at keeping your kids free from danger. It acts as a shock-absorbing layer that cushions against any slips or falls. This padding meets ASTM F1292 requirements for a fall from 12 feet high. Our premium safety system will dramatically reduce injury and keep your kids protected. Play-Smart Padding also helps our playground safety system meet requirements for certification ASTM F1487-17 from the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Associations (IPEMA).  Parents, teachers, caretakers and loved ones can be rest assured when their kids are swinging from the jungle-gym above Genesis Play-Smart Padding.

Part 3: Genesis Air-Drain System Speeds Up Drying

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Genesis Play-Safe Systems

Artificial Playground Grass

The third piece of the artificial grass puzzle comes in the form of Genesis Turf Air Drain System. This system targets difficult to drain terrain and gets rid of those poor drainage areas. The system’s enhanced drainage technology ensures that every blade of your artificial grass is safe and dry when those recess bells ring. Because safety is our priority, we’ve even added another layer of padded protection within the Air-Drain System to increase shock absorbency. This will also benefit your bottom line, as this layer allows you to meet demanding ASTM fall-height requirements without adding excess layers of padding.

Part 4: Genesis Play-SmartArtificial Turf Forms a Beautiful, Realistic Surface

Genesis has been working hard to bring you a soft yet durable material made specifically for increased playground safety. Our research has resulted in an industry breakthrough with Genesis Play-Smart Artificial Turf. Our top-of-the-line fiber technology looks 100% identical to a well-maintained lawn without all of the difficult, back-breaking labor. Looks are important, but we’ve managed to keep safety at the forefront with the highest ounce turf styles to keep your kids safe from falls.

An excellent product excels at details both big and small, and Genesis Play-Smart Artificial Turf has it all. We’ve integrated Soft Touch technology which makes each blade feel like a dream underneath your feet and in your hands. Our patented Heat Shield reduces temperatures to a safe level even on the hottest summer days, and the Static Guard prevents the formation of static that often occurs in lesser quality artificial grass.

Part 5: Play-Smart Infill Provides a Stellar Finishing Touch

Genesis places the icing on the cake with our industry-leading Play-Smart infill. This adds another

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Genesis Play-Safe Systems

Artificial Playground Turf

layer of shock absorption to an already soft, solid surface. In addition, it allows each blade of artificial grass to stand up tall which, making it indistinguishable from its natural grass cousin.

Without A Doubt the Best Playground Safety System

Genesis Turf sets the bar high for the rest of the artificial turf industry with our natural-looking, durable, soft and safe system. You can set a great example for your students and children as our system is made from 100% recyclable materials, and everything we make is environmentally safe.  These materials create a durable, long-lasting turf that’s proudly covered by our complete 15 year warranty. Contact Genesis Turf at 855-887-3435 or at

Artificial Pet Turf - Artificial Pet Grass - Artificial Dog Grass

Why Artificial Pet Turf is Growing in Popularity

Why Artificial Pet Turf is Growing in Popularity


If you own a dog, a veterinary clinic, or manage a dog park, you understand why maintaining a pristine

Artificial Pet Turf - Artificial Pet Grass - Artificial Dog Grass

Genesis Artificial Pet Turf

lawn or grass area can be next to impossible. You have ideas for making your lawn beautiful, but so does

your pup. His likely involves digging holes, creating pathways, and marking his territory—yours are probably a little different. For those of us who want to have a beautiful lawn and own 1 (or 10) dogs, there is still hope. Artificial Pet Turf provides a surface that looks and feels like a 100% natural, well-maintained lawn without the drawbacks. We’ll explore 5 reasons why you and your furry friends will love Artificial Pet Turf.

  1. Long Lasting, Resilient, and Soft

The durability of artificial dog turf is one of its best qualities. You will benefit from turf that can last up to 20 years with minimal to zero maintenance. It stands up strong against years of use and unlike mulch, dirt, or natural grass; your pup won’t create unsightly pathways as she travels along her favorite route to the fence. In addition, the surface will stay even and smooth, even against tough use. You won’t have to worry about tripping into a rut that your doggy seemingly set as a trap for you, and she won’t be digging holes under the fence. Your dog will love rolling around in the soft, smooth artificial grass (and so can you, if that’s your thing. It’ll feel great).

  1. It’s Simple to Clean Up After Your Pup

Not only does artificial pet grass stay cleaner, longer, but it’s also simple to clean and deodorize. Simply scoop up pet droppings the same way you would on a normal lawn and then hose off your turf (is needed). Superior drainage and modern layering allows artificial turf to drain quickly and efficiently so urine won’t cause a problem. If for some reason the area your dog loves to mark has any kind of lingering odor, you can give it a spray off with a garden hose and you’re done!

Artificial Pet Turf, Artificial Pet Grass. Artificial Dog Turf

Genesis Artificial Pet Turf

While we’re on the subject of cleaning, let’s talk about the mud and dirt that accumulates all over your dog’s paws and claws after a rainstorm or just a vigorous run through the yard. It’s one of the biggest downfalls to owning a pet, and no one likes it when their pup runs into the house covered in mud or dirt. Artificial turf eliminates mud entirely, and its advanced drainage system keeps your yard mud puddle free. It also offers an area free of fleas, ticks, and other lawn pests!

  1. Less Maintenance Means Less Expense

The amount of money you’ll save over the years by using artificial pet turf is one of the best reasons to invest in it as soon as possible. By cutting out any lawn mowing and weed-whacking, you save money on not only the heavy duty equipment needed, but also the mounting, continued costs of oil, fuel, and maintenance on each piece of equipment. Plus the time you would normally spend on lawn upkeep can be spent taking your dog for a walk as an owner, running your veterinary/doggie day care, or advertising if you run a dog park.

If you live in a dry climate or have ever had a dry spell, you’ve likely had to invest in a sprinkler system, but with artificial pet grass you can toss it by the wayside. In addition, you’ll be saving the accumulative water costs for an extended period of time. Other than cleaning pet waste, the only maintenance needed is a quick, periodic sweep of a leaf blower to remove any debris.

  1. Chemical Free and Safe for All Pets
Artificial Pet Grass, Artificial Pet Turf, Artificial Dog Turf

Genesis Artificial Pet Grass

Your beautiful, lush artificial grass is actually safer for your pet in many ways. It is designed with

antimicrobial, non-toxic fibers so that each synthetic blade is safe for your pet. You will also be discarding any dangerous fertilizers, insecticides, and weed killers as you’ll no longer need to use them, and you’ll never have to worry about ticks or fleas infiltrating your yard and clinging onto your pup. If installed by Genesis Turf, you will also have the benefit of ZeoFill Infill. This is the number one infill available for pets. ZeoFill is 100% organic, pet safe, and will not allow for odor build up.

  1. A Professional Look Year Round

In the middle of the winter your dog won’t be walking along rough dirt and rocks, and you won’t be staring at a desolate wasteland for a yard. Artificial turf allows you to have a professional looking lawn year-round without all of the associated maintenance and costs. In addition, it’s simple to install and can be done in a matter of days. Your furry friends agree—this one is a no-brainer.

To learn more about how artificial pet turf can benefit your home, business, or park, give Genesis Turf a call at 855-887-3435.

Commercial Artificial Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Landscape Turf

How Commercial Artificial Grass Can Benefit your Business


How Commercial Artificial Grass Can Benefit your Business


Artificial Grass has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the times when someone had the

Commercial Artificial Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Landscape Turf

Commercial Grade Artificial Turf

ability point out artificial turf next to its natural cousin. Now the only thing that is apparent is how lush and rich your artificial grass looks, and how indistinguishable it is from that well-kept natural lawn across the street. Unlike your neighbor, your professional landscape is bringing in business without any of the extra maintenance, water use, or time and money spent keeping it pristine. When it comes to commercial artificial turf, the five benefits below make it a cost-effective no brainer.


  1. Less Maintenance Means Less Expense

To create a thriving small business, you’ve got to have a great sense of time management and be astute when it comes to expenses. If you are provided a tool that decreases costs, saves time, and improves your overall product, it is a rare opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up. With artificial turf, you can virtually eliminate your need for maintenance. Mowing the lawn becomes a thing of the past. As a result, you can save time spent cutting grass and the money spent on weed-whackers and mowers—not to mention the fuel, oil, and upkeep costs. In addition, any sprinkler systems can be tossed by the wayside, and you’ll be saving money on any associated water costs.

Maintenance for artificial turf consists of a quick run through with an electric leaf-blower if debris starts to pile up (or even just picking up a few twigs on the way out the door). Opportunity cost is real, and there is no reason you should be maintaining your lawn (or paying someone else to) when you could be courting customers or working hard on issues that are important to your business.

Commercial Artificial Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Landscape Turf

Commercial Grade Artificial Grass

  1. Professional Appearance

They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but we are all guilty of doing it time and time again. A shoddy lawn is going to turn away customers, especially if you own a landscaping business. In turn, a green, well-kept lawn shows your customers that you pay attention to detail and are professional in everything you do. Artificial turf is a form of advertisement that pays off immensely.

  1. Clean, Safe, and Sound

Commercial artificial turf provides your business with a spotless environment that can help prevent injuries. Artificial grass is made with soft, synthetic blades that decrease the likelihood of injury in the event that anyone trips on your property. In addition, the chance that anyone falls is lessened because unlike gravel, mulch, or regular grass, artificial turf does not displace or wear down and will never have any ruts or divots to catch anyone’s feet. Unsightly pathways will never be created if someone decides to cut through your lawn.

When it rains, it pours, and that’s a big problem for traditional surfaces. Mud makes your business an unappealing venture, and mud being tracked on your carpets and floors makes your entryway a dangerous, muddy mess. Artificial grass prevents that problem with superior drainage capabilities that prevent puddles, mud, and the disease-carrying insects that often accompany those problems.

  1. Go Green in More Ways than One

By upgrading your landscape with artificial grass, you can help save the environment—and you can let your customers know

Commercial Artificial Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Landscape Turf

Commercial Grade Artificial Turf

about your effort to go green. The lack of regular lawn maintenance will reduce emissions and conserve fossil fuels, as you’ll never be running a weed-whacker or lawn mower. More importantly, you will be conserving an amazing amount of water. You

will never have to run another sprinkler system, and rainwater will drain immediately below the surface. Just as importantly, many townships and cities provide tax incentives through rebates for water conservation, and they may pay you for every square foot of artificial grass in use.

  1. A Cost Effective Maneuver

When it comes to durability, commercial artificial turf is top of the line. With proper (minimal) maintenance, artificial turf can last 26+ years. That’s an incredible investment that will continue to pay off year after year. You are also cutting costs on any tools and equipment that you would normally use, and you don’t need employ someone to create a masterpiece of your lawn—it does that itself. Throw in the tax benefits, cleanliness, safety, and ability to bring in customers, and you’ll be congratulating yourself on making such a shrewd business decision every time you walk across your lawn.

To learn more about how artificial turf can benefit your home, business, or school, give Genesis Turf a call at 855-887-3435.

Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Grass

Artificial Turf Growing Popularity in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Artificial Turf Growing Popularity in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Florida


Artificial turf has been popping up around Miami and Ft. Lauderdale more and more rapidly as of late,

Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Grass

Artificial Turf Install in Florida

and it appears to be a trend that has no slowing down. It may be because more people are seeking to have that beautiful yard next door without having to mow their lawn under the sun’s sweltering, unrelenting heat. It may be because water rates in Florida continue to rise, and artificial turf lets you do away with that sprinkler system for good. It may even be that more and more businesses are realizing that traditional grass just doesn’t look as good as today’s advanced artificial grass, and they’re missing out on customers as a result. Whatever it is, the trend doesn’t seem to be falling off anytime soon—and here’s why.

Artificial Grass is Cleaner and Safer

Throughout Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, home owners, rental property owners, playgrounds and businesses are all realizing that artificial grass is the best option for their property. When you install the soft, synthetic blades of artificial turf, you’re ensuring that everyone visiting is safer. Unlike gravel, mulch, or traditional grass, artificial turf will not wear away over time, resulting in unsightly pathways or dangerous ruts. As a result, there will be less trips and falls—and if falls do occur, which is inevitable in a very active area such as a playground, there will be no bruised knees or scraped palms.

When it rains you don’t want your home or business to become a muddy, slogging marshland, and artificial turf does a tremendous job of draining any water almost immediately. While natural grass creates puddles and mud, the draining system of artificial turf lets water drain below the surface and out of your yard.  This also prevents disease-carrying insects from making your grass their home.

Spend Time Doing What You Love, Not Mowing Your Lawn

In areas like Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where the sun is always shining and the grass is always growing, artificial turf

Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Artificial Lawn Turf, Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Grass

Genesis Artificial Turf – Tacoma

provides its biggest benefits. You will never have to pull another mower out of your shed and spend time and effort dragging it across your lawn. Weed whackers are a thing of the past, and you can spend time sipping a cold drink instead of sweating in the sweltering heat. In addition, if you are a rental property owner, your maintenance time and costs have just become next to nothing. Artificial turf pays for itself over and over again as you do not have to employ a crew to take care of your landscaping. Maintenance for artificial turf is as easy as periodically removing debris with a leaf blower, or even just occasionally picking up a twig here or there. As the icing on the cake, you’ll never have to pay for fuel, oil, or equipment again.

Long Lasting and Environmentally Friendly

Artificial turf is an incredible long-term investment, and with proper (minimal) maintenance, it can last for as long as 26 years. Modern artificial turf is extremely durable, and it looks identical to a well-kept lawn. 26 years’ worth of water is a massive amount that you’ll be conserving, along with all of the carbon footprints mentioned above. In addition, you will never have to apply any dangerous pesticides, weed killers, or fertilizers to your lawn—which is especially important if you have any children around. You can also advertise that you’re going green and helping the environment, which your customers or family members will certainly appreciate.

Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf

Artificial Turf Townhome Install

Looks Amazing and is Cost Effective

Modern artificial turf allows you to sit back and take in the beautiful scenery of your lawn, and it is especially useful for retired

individuals who would rather relax than worry about yard upkeep. The incredible investment pays off year after year through energy and water conservation, cost-cutting on any tools or equipment that you would normally need to purchase for maintenance, and ultimately the time investment that you would be making by constantly trimming, pruning, and cutting your lawn. Constantly advancing technologies and methods have made installing artificial grass very easy and convenient, and as a result, it’s spreading all over Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Next time you drive down the street and see an amazingly maintained lawn, remember how likely it is to be artificial turf and how hard it is to tell the difference.

To learn more about how artificial turf can benefit your home, business, or school, give Genesis Turf a call at 855-887-3435.