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Homeowners Still Want Artificial Lawn Grass Despite Less Water Restrictions

Homeowners Still Want Artificial Lawn Grass Despite Less Water Restrictions


Though the California drought may be coming to an end, homeowners have not stopped wanting low/no maintenance landscaping solutions. In fact, artificial lawn turf installations have never been more popular. The promise of having a perfect green lawn without the maintenance and expensive water bills has been more enticing than ever.

Genesis Turf has recently completed installs of artificial grass for California and Oregon residents, converting their front and back yards from dirt and dead grass to over 1200 square feet of Genesis Sierra Pro 70 turf perArtificial-Lawn-Turf, Artificial Lawn Grass, Artifiial Grass, Artificial Turf home. The artificial grass blades feature multiple shades of green, from dark to light, and even have brown thatch blades for added realism. There is no better way to revitalize a dead lawn and make a statement than a realistic artificial grass lawn.

All homeowner’s natural lawns had suffered significantly because of mandated water restrictions and high cost of lawn maintenance. While searching for a drought friendly solution, the homeowners specifically wanted something that would allow their children and pets to continue to play and offer a safe, clean environment. Artificial grass seemed to be the perfect solution for the homeowners, especially after learning that it was tough enough to withstand heavy Artificial Lawn Turf, Artificial Lawn Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grassusage and was safe for kids and pets. Genesis Sierra Pro is a 100% antimicrobial and fully recyclable option. This makes for an environmentally friendly option that is bacteria free and has a 15-year warranty.

Genesis Turf, a west coast turf provider and installer has been leading the turf industry over the past 5 years in innovation and customer satisfaction. After bringing artificial grass to an increasing number of homeowners, more and more are beginning to make the switch. Neighbors of our customers see artificial turf in other yards on their street and are always amazed at how good it looks. A lot of our projects come from referrals because everyone wants it for themselves,” one homeowner, said.

Every homeowner wants their house to look great from the street, and since turf has become so realistic everyone has the option to switch and enjoy the added benefits. Genesis Turf gives people a lawn replacement and landscape option that they can be proud of that will help them save time, money, and water!


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Artificial Pet Grass Potty Stations at Las Vegas McCarran Airport

Artificial Pet Grass Potty Stations at McCarran Airport

After a long flight, Fido might need a potty break just as much as his human companion.

Three Artificial Pet Grass areas have been designated as where pit bulls, poodles and other pooches can piddle near airline gates at McCarran International Airport.

When nature calls, travelers can take their dogs and cats to enclosed pet relief areas equipped with a stretch of fake grass, red fire hydrants made of plastic and a red biohazard bin for tossing out waste-filled bags.

Airport officials spent $400,000 to equip the new stations, which opened Wednesday afternoon just past the security checkpoints near Gate E-11 inside Terminal 3, near Gate C-25 in Terminal 1 and near a children’s play area in the midfield D-Gates.

The airport opened several outdoor pet potty areas in 2009, but the new indoor facilities were needed as a way to help travelers who already checked into their flight, or stopped off in Las Vegas to connect with another city, McCarran spokeswoman Christina Crews said. The Artificial Pet Grass was just a perfect fit for us.

Artificial Pet Turf, Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Pet TurfLas Vegas joins several airports across the country with pet relief areas, including Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, Atlanta, Honolulu and Dallas.

“It’s certainly a need because we’re seeing more and more people traveling with their pets,” Crews said.

Pet owners are encouraged to clean up after their animals use the artificial pet turf, but there are other methods to keep smells, germs and residue from building up.

A ventilation system vacuums the air about 10 times per hour, Crews said. A self-cleaning sprinkler system washes the fake grass area, then flushes and drains the water. Maintenance crews also regularly scrub the rooms.

After an hour long flight Thursday, Joseph and Nelva Rasalan of San Jose, California, ducked into a relief room with their chihuahuas Chester, Chelsea and Jade. The dogs frolicked and nervously sniffed the artificial turf, unsure whether it was safe to use.

Chester and Chelsea weren’t having any part of it. After some hesitation, Jade bravely squatted to do her business.

“We always carry a newspaper and find a location where there isn’t a lot of people so they can go to the bathroom,” Joseph Rasalan said. “Pets are just like family, so having this room for them is pretty great.”

K9 areas are installed every day in public and private facilities across the world. All Genesis artificial pet turf is antimicrobial and will not hold moisture, residue, and bacteria. For help with artificial pet turf, please call or email us at 855-887-3435 –