Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Football Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Sports Grass, Field Turf

How Artificial Sports Turf Can Benefit Your Football Field


How Artificial Sports Turf Can Benefit Your Football Field

A decade ago, playing football on a artificial sports turf was something that no athlete looked forward to. It was essentially rough plastic, and it felt as harsh on knees and joints as playing on a rough dirt field. However, in recent years, modern technology has

Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Football Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Sports Grass, Field Turf

Artificial Football Field Turf

enhanced the look and feel of artificial football turf dramatically. It looks indistinguishable from its natural grass cousin—in fact, it looks just as verdant and rich as a well-kept natural grass football field. The feel is equally as impressive; each synthetic turf fiber is consistent with the next, creating a smooth, rut-free surface that absorbs impact incredibly well. The benefits below make installing artificial football turf a no-brainer for any high school, college, or private school.

Keep Your Field Turf Stronger, Longer

Even with daily use, artificial football turf lasts longer than any other options available. With minimal maintenance, it can withstand your players trotting out onto the field for as long as 20 years. Sounds good, right? Now compare it to your traditional football field which needs attention after every game as cleats crash into dirt, dig up grass, and create ruts and divots all over the field.

Unlike natural grass, a synthetic turf field won’t become worn into unsightly pathways or a patchy mess with each quick turn, sharp pivot, or march downfield. When you have large linemen jostling with one another for position, all of that grass your groundskeeper worked hard to bring to life quickly turns to mush underfoot, but with modern field turf, you won’t have to worry about patching up holes after each game.

Keep Your Players Safe with a Soft, Smooth Surface

When you use dirt or a traditional grass field, you are putting your players at an unnecessary risk for injuries. The soft, synthetic blades and structural padding on an artificial sports turf act as an added layer of protection in a game with constant impact. More importantly, your field will not deteriorate during a game and you won’t have any stoppages for repairs. Synthetic turf also offers superior drainage, so you’ll never have to worry about your field becoming a flooded muddy mess on a rainy day.

On a normal field, each play chews up your field and eventually creates dangerous ruts and divots leading to inevitable injuries as your impact player catches a rut and twists an ankle. Artificial turf stays strong against the toughest plays and keeps your players on solid ground.

Minimal Maintenance Means Minimal Expense

A synthetic sports field is an investment that pays off in short order in regard to both time and money. A maintenance crew is an expense that many schools cannot afford, and with artificial turf the need

Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Football Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Sports Grass, Field Turf

Artificial Football Field Turf

for upkeep and repairs is virtually eliminated. You no longer need to mow, maintain and spend hours trimming and edging with a weed-whacker (in fact, you can do without these purchases entirely). This becomes a dramatic advantage before you even think about the money you’ll save in fuel, oil, water and upkeep costs. Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about installing a sprinkler system or dragging out the hoses in a dry season (or dry climate), and you’ll save on all the associated water costs.

If you’re worried about what kind of upkeep your field turf will require—don’t be. Generally a quick run through with a leaf-blower will clear up any debris that has accumulated, and often you can simply do a quick walk-through and pick up the few twigs that have gathered. The time you save can be spent on the things that are important to your football program like practice and recruitment, and you can spend money on helmets instead of lawn mowers.

Influence on the Game

When you play at home, you want to have a home-field advantage, and artificial football turf delivers. Players have steadier footing as a result of the structural padding woven into the turf which allows for more secure pivots and stops. This lets your team get a feel for the field that they can use to their advantage. It will also reduce injuries on both sides of the field.

Influence on the Environment

Artificial Sports Turf, Artificial Football Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Sports Grass, Field Turf

Artificial Sports Field Turf

By upgrading to synthetic turf, you’ll be making a positive impact on your environment that sets a great example for your students. Over the long life of your field, you’ll be conserving a tremendous amount of water. The lack of regular maintenance will also reduce emissions and conserve fossil fuels as you won’t be running any heavy equipment, and you’ll never have to use any fertilizers or pesticides—saving the environment and your wallet.

Installing artificial football turf is a cost-effective way to maintain a beautiful football field with a professional look without all the maintenance, expense, and environmental headaches.

Have questions on how artificial sports turf can benefit your school, park, or program? Give Genesis Turf a call today at 855-887-3435 and allow us to work with you in providing a state of the art field for your players and spectators.

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Artificial Grass & Your Rental Property

Getting Green with Artificial Grass

The landscape of a rental property, town-home, or other commercial residence is the first attribute that is noticed by any potential resident. Whether it is in person or on Google Maps, those searching for their

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass for Rental Properties

next home will scrutinize every last detail that they can. How full and green is the grass? Is the lawn well-maintained? Are there patches of dirt, ruts, or divots in the ground?

Even if you keep your landscape in top shape, heavy rainfall can turn it into a muddy mess, and your book will be judged by its cover before potential clients even step inside. In the following article, I want to discuss how artificial grass can play a pivotal role in increasing rental desirability, decreasing short and long-term costs, and keeping great tenants happy where they’re at.

How Artificial Grass Saves You Green

Every landlord knows that one of your biggest profit-crushing costs is maintenance. Often home repairs can be unavoidable, but the money you spend on lawn upkeep is definitely a cost you can cut. If you own a community of town-homes, you may be spending over six figures and beyond on employing a full-time maintenance person or crew. Costs are even higher in popular tourist cities like Orlando, Tampa, and Dallas.

Artificial grass is an incredible investment that will pay off each and every day. For town-homes or rental properties with a small yard, your investment will be minimal and will likely pay off immediately. Costs on equipment like lawn mowers, weed wackers, and tillers will be cut out of the budget right off the bat. Long-term costs like fuel, oil, and equipment upkeep will continue to accrue long after you lay down your new artificial landscape turf. Artificial grass doesn’t require any more maintenance than picking up a few twigs at a residential property. Not to mention it will look like a well maintained natural law year-round.

Why Artificial Grass is More Desirable for Tenants

In Tampa Bay, Florida, the rental median was $1,086—more than $100 over the US median. Desirability

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass for Townhomes

drives up costs, and the market can be competitive for both tenants and landlords. A great way to sell your rental property to tenants is to let them know that they’ll never need to mow their lawn or go to great lengths to keep their grass green.

For tenants with families, modern artificial grass meets and exceeds ASTM standards and requirements for safety and fall protection. Children and adults alike will never have to worry about uneven landscapes, holes, or divots that can become a safety hazard and cause falls or other injuries. Parents will also be happy to hear that artificial grass has incredible draining capabilities that will prevent puddles and mud. No more pets or kids dragging mud through the house or kicking muddy shoes off onto the carpet.

Artificial turf is also perfect for small town-homes, especially pet-friendly residences. It creates a small, virtually maintenance-free area for pets to play, and pet-waste cleanup is easy—just scoop like you would on any other grass, and give it a quick squirt with a hose. The antimicrobial fibers within each blade of grass ensure that your yard stays odor free.

Whether you or your tenant is paying the water bill, artificial turf helps to keeps the cost down. During the dry season in a popular tourist city like San Francisco, California, the bill can really start to add up. By conserving water, you’ll help sell the property to prospective renters, help save the planet, and you may even receive a tax credit per-square-foot of artificial turf for your water conservation efforts.

It’s Not Your Father’s Artificial Turf

The green space in your rental home can employ top-of-the-line, advanced artificial landscape turf that eliminates any issues that outdated turf used to have. It can get hot in popular rental locations like

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass for Rental Properties

Dallas, Texas but modern turf is able to reflect sunlight and reduce the sun’s thermal effects, keeping your tenants cool year round.

Aesthetically, artificial turf looks as green, well-trimmed, and natural as the ordinary, well-maintained lawn next door, but the effort and cost are dramatically reduced. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference visually, and each blade is reinforced with a comfortable, strong padding to keep your artificial turf feeling soft to the touch. Most importantly, today’s artificial grass is durable. It can last well over 26 years with minimal maintenance, making it a great long-term investment for any town-home community or rental property.

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