Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Pet Turf

Artificial Grass is Perfect for Parks

Artificial Grass for Parks

Have you ever heard the phrase “it’ll be a walk in the park?” Ironically enough, it doesn’t apply to

Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Pet Turf

Artificial Grass Can Save Parks Major Money in Up-Keep Expenses

running a park, especially a large park like a city park. The logistics can be stressful. Park owners have to worry about staying under budget year round while hosting and running events, keeping the park clean and crime-free, and maintaining the lawn, gardens, playgrounds, and other landscapes. With all of that in mind, they also need to make sure everyone has a safe, fun time at their park.

Thankfully, maintenance concerns, safety issues, and budget can all be assisted in a big way with one simple decision—installing artificial turf at the park. In this article, we’re going to talk about how artificial turf on a playground, a pet area, or across any landscape can make a positive impact on the budget of park owners and the experience of park-goers everywhere.

Maintenance Costs

Need to balance your budget short term and for the foreseeable future? Installing artificial grass is one of the best ways to do it. Greatly reduced maintenance costs are by far the top reason that large park developers seek artificial grass. They soon realize it has a wide list of other incredible benefits, but cost always remains the king concern.

Employing a groundskeeper or bringing in a crew is an expensive, long-term mistake that many park owners make. A full-time groundskeeper can easily cost $40,000 a year, and that’s just one employee. No person can maintain a large city park by himself, so imagine that cost growing exponentially as more and more projects need to be completed.

Also consider the cost of equipment, as park owners are often left footing the bill. Riding lawn mowers, weed wackers, tillers, augers, and more can add up. Even as rentals, these tools can quickly raise your bill to unmanageable levels. If a crew brings their own equipment, park owners are often left paying extra fees for fuel, oil, and any additional upkeep costs.

On the other hand, maintenance for artificial turf is easy. A quick run through with a leaf blower will clear any debris that may add up, or even just a quick walkthrough to pick up twigs can do the job.

Safety First

Modern artificial playground turf must meet ASTM standards and requirements, and it always

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass

Artificial Turf Increases Safety & Usability of Park Playground Areas with Zero Maintenance

outperforms its natural grass cousin in every test. Artificial playground turf is designed to dramatically reduce the impact from falls from any height to keep kids protected. In addition, cuts, scrapes, and serious injury are dramatically reduced as each individual fiber is reinforced with a durable, cushioning material.

Most parks have landscape surfaces covered in mulch or dirt which, after repeated use, can create dangerous ruts and divots, especially around extensively used equipment like a merry-go-round or swing set. If a child catches one of these ruts, it can cause pulls, sprains, or worse. Installing artificial playground turf ensures that the park is smooth, flat, and uniform throughout. Artificial turf will last for years with minimal maintenance, keeping park owners and park goers safe and happy for a long, long time.

Artificial Pet Turf is Critical for Pet Areas

Pet parks are becoming more and more popular every day, and pet-friendly areas are a necessity

Artificial Pet Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Gras

Artificial Pet Turf for Parks is 100% Antimicrobial and Fully Recyclable

in any modern day city park or large park. Artificial pet turf makes it easy to have a minimal maintenance, cost-efficient, easy to clean area.

We all know how quickly a natural grass yard can be torn up by one dog. Imagine dozens of dogs

running wild across a lawn, digging as they please, day in and day out. That nightmare can easily be prevented by installing artificial pet turf. It’s durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean up after any dog. The antimicrobial blades quickly absorb and eliminate odors to keep any park smelling fresh. Cleaning up pet waste is as simple as ever; just use a scoop like you normally would.

Artificial pet turf doesn’t require any chemicals to maintain (another cost savings), so it’s safe for extended use by all sorts of pets, and the fibers keep away ticks and fleas to prevent any infestation. Each blade of grass is designed with comfort in mind, so furry friends will be glad to roll around in a park that feels and looks amazing.

To learn more about how artificial turf grass can benefit your park, playground, or business,  give Genesis Turf a call at 855-887-3435.