Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass

Can Artificial Turf Make Your Playground Safer?

Can Artificial Turf Make Your Playground Safer?

It’s noon, and it’s time for recess. Everyone bounds excitedly for the playground.

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass

Artificial Playground Turf School Install – California

The kids are playing a game of tag, circling the merry-go-round, vying for position. You’re sitting by supervising and inevitably, feet get tangled and someone takes a spill—knee

first, palms scraping against the ground. You instinctually hop to your feet to care for the scrapes, scratches, and bruised egos, but the kids get up immediately and get back to the game. No injuries, no dirt or stains, and no problems. Artificial playground turf is doing its job keeping your kids safe. It’s a situation you’ll find yourself in time and time again. Below are six more reasons why you’ll be glad you made the change to artificial turf.

  1. Long Lasting Protection

Genesis artificial playground turf systems last longer than any other turf options available, even with daily use. All the heavy jumps, quick turns, and other repeated use won’t displace your turf in the same way as mulch, gravel, or dirt. Artificial grass won’t become worn into unsightly pathways or patchy messes like it would with traditional grass. Instead, artificial playground turf holds up remarkably well against tough play and rough weather. Your grass will look great, stay clean, and last for years with minimal to zero maintenance.

  1. Clean Grass Means Clean Kids
Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass

Artificial Playground Turf Daycare Install

Installing artificial grass will dramatically decrease cleanup time for your kids and your playground. You will never have to worry about huge, unsightly puddles as modern artificial turf has incredible drainage capabilities. Superior turf design allows water to drain directly to the water table instead of piling up on top of the surface. This prevents your playground from becoming a messy, muddy swamp. No more mud tracks through the hallways, no more soaking wet kids, and most importantly, no more bacteria or disease-carrying insects gathering on the top of the waterlogged grass surface.

  1. Safe, Soft, and Smooth

When you install gravel, mulch, asphalt, pour-n-play, or even traditional patchy grass, you put your kids at an increased risk for injury. Soft, synthetic blades on artificial playground turf decrease the likelihood of scratches, bumps, bruises, or even more serious injuries. After extended use, especially around areas like a merry-go-round, any other surface deteriorates, creating dangerous ruts in the ground. The smooth, even, durable surface of artificial grass helps to prevents falls and injuries. When falls do occur, the structural padding creates a soft cushion. Parents, teachers, and loved ones will all feel much safer when their kids are playing on artificial turf.

  1. No Chemicals, No Allergies

You will never need to apply chemicals to your artificial playground turf. Often a quick run of a leaf blower or rake is all that is

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Artificial turf, Artificial Grass

Artificial Playground Turf – City Park North Carolina

needed to clear away debris (or often just a few moments of your time to pick up a few sticks), and a quick spray with water will remove anything more resistant. You will never need to apply any harsh fertilizers, pesticides, or weed killers like you would on a natural grass surface. There are no chemicals needed for any cleaning or maintenance which makes it ideal for any area where children will be playing. In addition, allergies will never be an issue. No child will have to stay indoors as your artificial grass is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and safe.

  1. Artificial Turf is Environmentally Friendly

You can teach your children about conservation, recycling, and promoting a clean environment through your use of artificial turf. First and foremost, artificial grass conserves a tremendous amount of water. You will never need to water your turf or put out a sprinkler system, and any rainwater will drain directly below the surface. Also, recycled grass is often used in creating your artificial turf, and it can be used as a tool to drive home the importance of reusing and recycling. Finally, the reduced maintenance will help conserve fossil fuels from weed-whackers and lawn mowers.

  1. You’ll Save Money with a Cost-Effective Playground
Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Grass

Artificial Playground Turf – Backyard Install

Not only is artificial grass easy and inexpensive to install, but it pays for itself remarkably as time goes on. The reduced maintenance costs are apparent every day that you do not need to mow, trim, or water your turf. Imagine breaking free of those expensive landscape maintenance companies. The durable materials last for years, even with tremendous use. You will also get more use out of your turf, as it is available year-round and never out of commission. Families will be excited to come to your playground to enjoy a clean, safe environment, and you’ll have no problem exceeding their expectations.

To learn more about how artificial playground turf can benefit your school, daycare, business, or backyard, give Genesis Turf a call at 855-887-3435.

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