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Can Artificial Turf Make Your Playground Safer?

Can Artificial Turf Make Your Playground Safer?

It’s noon, and it’s time for recess. Everyone bounds excitedly for the playground.

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass

Artificial Playground Turf School Install – California

The kids are playing a game of tag, circling the merry-go-round, vying for position. You’re sitting by supervising and inevitably, feet get tangled and someone takes a spill—knee

first, palms scraping against the ground. You instinctually hop to your feet to care for the scrapes, scratches, and bruised egos, but the kids get up immediately and get back to the game. No injuries, no dirt or stains, and no problems. Artificial playground turf is doing its job keeping your kids safe. It’s a situation you’ll find yourself in time and time again. Below are six more reasons why you’ll be glad you made the change to artificial turf.

  1. Long Lasting Protection

Genesis artificial playground turf systems last longer than any other turf options available, even with daily use. All the heavy jumps, quick turns, and other repeated use won’t displace your turf in the same way as mulch, gravel, or dirt. Artificial grass won’t become worn into unsightly pathways or patchy messes like it would with traditional grass. Instead, artificial playground turf holds up remarkably well against tough play and rough weather. Your grass will look great, stay clean, and last for years with minimal to zero maintenance.

  1. Clean Grass Means Clean Kids
Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass

Artificial Playground Turf Daycare Install

Installing artificial grass will dramatically decrease cleanup time for your kids and your playground. You will never have to worry about huge, unsightly puddles as modern artificial turf has incredible drainage capabilities. Superior turf design allows water to drain directly to the water table instead of piling up on top of the surface. This prevents your playground from becoming a messy, muddy swamp. No more mud tracks through the hallways, no more soaking wet kids, and most importantly, no more bacteria or disease-carrying insects gathering on the top of the waterlogged grass surface.

  1. Safe, Soft, and Smooth

When you install gravel, mulch, asphalt, pour-n-play, or even traditional patchy grass, you put your kids at an increased risk for injury. Soft, synthetic blades on artificial playground turf decrease the likelihood of scratches, bumps, bruises, or even more serious injuries. After extended use, especially around areas like a merry-go-round, any other surface deteriorates, creating dangerous ruts in the ground. The smooth, even, durable surface of artificial grass helps to prevents falls and injuries. When falls do occur, the structural padding creates a soft cushion. Parents, teachers, and loved ones will all feel much safer when their kids are playing on artificial turf.

  1. No Chemicals, No Allergies

You will never need to apply chemicals to your artificial playground turf. Often a quick run of a leaf blower or rake is all that is

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Artificial turf, Artificial Grass

Artificial Playground Turf – City Park North Carolina

needed to clear away debris (or often just a few moments of your time to pick up a few sticks), and a quick spray with water will remove anything more resistant. You will never need to apply any harsh fertilizers, pesticides, or weed killers like you would on a natural grass surface. There are no chemicals needed for any cleaning or maintenance which makes it ideal for any area where children will be playing. In addition, allergies will never be an issue. No child will have to stay indoors as your artificial grass is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and safe.

  1. Artificial Turf is Environmentally Friendly

You can teach your children about conservation, recycling, and promoting a clean environment through your use of artificial turf. First and foremost, artificial grass conserves a tremendous amount of water. You will never need to water your turf or put out a sprinkler system, and any rainwater will drain directly below the surface. Also, recycled grass is often used in creating your artificial turf, and it can be used as a tool to drive home the importance of reusing and recycling. Finally, the reduced maintenance will help conserve fossil fuels from weed-whackers and lawn mowers.

  1. You’ll Save Money with a Cost-Effective Playground
Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Playground Grass, Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Grass

Artificial Playground Turf – Backyard Install

Not only is artificial grass easy and inexpensive to install, but it pays for itself remarkably as time goes on. The reduced maintenance costs are apparent every day that you do not need to mow, trim, or water your turf. Imagine breaking free of those expensive landscape maintenance companies. The durable materials last for years, even with tremendous use. You will also get more use out of your turf, as it is available year-round and never out of commission. Families will be excited to come to your playground to enjoy a clean, safe environment, and you’ll have no problem exceeding their expectations.

To learn more about how artificial playground turf can benefit your school, daycare, business, or backyard, give Genesis Turf a call at 855-887-3435.

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Top 2018 Backyard Design Trends

Top Trends in Backyard Designs

In 2018 many homeowners are looking to update the look and feel of their backyard. All of the new flashy trends can feel overwhelming and at times just unnecessary. Here we will explore some ways to add a great new look and feel for your backyard or relaxation space without being overwhelmed. These practical solutions will add appeal and value to any home.
new patio landscaping ideas

Eco-Friendly Designs:

Being environmentally conscious is on the rise and maintaining a beautiful lawn is no exception. Between worrying about your water usage, wondering about the negative effects of chemicals in your weed killer or insecticide, or simply shelling out money every month on water bills and/or a lawn service really adds up. With all this to consider, artificial grass has become a popular alternative to natural grass. As the industry leader in synthetic lawns, Genesis Turf is happy to offer artificial grass solutions that look natural, are ideal for children, pets and are 100% recyclable. Producing the best artificial grass in the industry, and complimenting elegant landscape designs, Genesis Turf will satisfy your search for a minimal maintenance outdoor living space. Looking to incorporate a synthetic lawn or artificial grass this year? Genesis Turf offers multiple solutions to increase property value and keep more money in your pocket.

Patio and Roof Lawns:

Converting an outdoor area into a relaxing green-space is a quick way to add value and relaxation to your home. Whether you have a patio or a roof top area to call your own, you can have that green-space you desire. Covering a drab cement slab with luxury artificial grass will transform a space into something people want to spend time on. The manicured no maintenance patio and roof top lawns offer a relaxing green space to sunbath, enjoy a cup of coffee, let your pet relieve itself or offer a soft space for children or pets to play. This past year, we have seen an uptick in clients looking to add some green space to their limited outdoor areas. At Genesis Turf, we offer grass solutions that offer an alternative to and often lasts longer than traditional outdoor decking. artificial grass synthetic turf dog grass playground turf rooftop lawn

Outdoor Dining:

Imagine an outdoor dining area on your porch or patio. Dine while surrounded by a nice garden, lush landscaping and a BBQ or outdoor kitchen. Creating a relaxing place to eat and entertain outdoors has become a sought-after pursuit. Spending this valuable time outside not only encourages family bonding time, but it also helps you get much needed Vitamin D from the sunlight. Eating “Al Fresco” is also known to be a natural mood booster. For clients looking to create a lush garden with a beautiful synthetic lawn that stays green all year round and cuts down on their water bill, we suggest choosing one of our 11 styles of grass options. In addition to the realistic looking grass, some clients enjoy getting creative with paver stone or mosaics to add some artistic touches into the mix. Your new outdoor entertaining area will soon become the envy of the neighborhood. artifcial turf, synthetic grass

Open Air Living Rooms:

Outdoor living isn’t exactly a new concept, but ways of going about it are. From retractable roofs to sliding walls, builders and designers are continuing to find more and more ways to let the fresh air in, and why not? Fresh air has been known to clear lungs and increase lung capacity. Depending on where you live, the air may also contain Phytoncides which are natural chemicals emitted by some trees and plants known to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone in humans. Additionally, sunlight can also induce serotonin, the happy chemical in our brain. Open air living rooms can increase the benefits yielded from fresh air and sunlight. At Genesis Turf, our clients can count on us to provide the right artificial grass to complement their open-air living room spaces. Genesis Turf provides soft, realistic artificial grass to complement outdoor furniture, relaxation areas, or complete landscape solutions. Pets will feel right at home since all of our turf options are antimicrobial and 100% pet friendly. artificial grass synthetic turf dog grass

If it’s time to update your outdoor space and you are ready to nix the pricy water bill while being environmentally responsible, give Genesis Turf a call at 855-887-3435 to explore high quality and natural looking artificial grass solutions.

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf & Playground Safety for Kids



Artificial Turf & Playground Safety for Kids

Since the introduction of Artificial Turf, it has seen an ever-growing number of uses. Artificial Grass offers a realistic and lush landscape for commercial and residential properties. It turns roof-tops, decks, and patios into a tranquil escape. Sports fields see an instant improvement in performance, player

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass

Artificial Playground Turf

safety, and spectator visuals. But what about child safety with the use of artificial turf for playgrounds?

Finding the right surface for a playground, especially when needing to meet specific fall height requirements, can be hard work. Traditional options such as natural grass, rubber mulch and pour in place molds all have some benefits, and a number of major drawbacks as well. Natural grass is always popular, but requires extended and ongoing maintenance for playgrounds. High traffic areas are always reduced to dirt and mud. Other areas will require the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and heavy watering. Rubber mulch winds up in kid’s shoes and clothes. It will also require constant adding of additional rubber mulch and cleaning can be almost impossible. Pour in place rubber surfacing never meets fall height requirements, and many providers are now discontinuing the use of this type of surface due to warranty issues and surface cracking in as little as 1 year.

Artificial grass for playgrounds removes all of the above concerns. There will never be a need for mowing, fertilizing, or using pesticides. There are no bare patches and mud is eliminated. Artificial turf can be installed to meet any fall height requirement and has a working life span of over 20 years! Also consider artificial grass will offer the benefits of being 100% antimicrobial, allergen free, and is safer for children and the environment. Many cities, churches, and schools are reporting their playgrounds are giving them:

  • Time and cost savings: Artificial Playground Turf is a cost-effective, long-term investment that eliminates the need for mowing, maintenance and watering. No more high water bills or maintenance plans are needed.


  • Durability and safety: All of our playground turf drains water at high rates and can be installed with either kid-safe infill, or a padded underlayment to increase the fall height rating. This keeps kids clean and safe providing an environment free of rocks, bumps, or roots that can cause falls and skinned knees.


  • Appearance: With artificial turf there will be no more discolored surfaces or muddy patches. Playgrounds utilizing turf always have a lush, green, natural looking area year round.


  • Environment: Artificial grass saves thousands of gallons of water every year. No pesticides or fertilizers needed, and less exposure to allergens and pests.


Artificial Turf for Playgrounds

The main concern for businesses and schools evaluating artificial grass for playgrounds is the safety of

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf

Artificial Playground Turf Install

the children who use it. The main goal is to create a safe place where kids can play for hours without the risk of skinned elbows, sore knees or fall related injuries. The good news is that artificial turf gives a soft and safe place for kids to roll and tumble with a high importance placed on fall safety. No matter how much tumble and play kids enjoy, they will stay safe and free of mud and grass stains.

By choosing artificial grass as a playground surface, it will help to provide excellent drainage allowing for play right after the rain. With drainage rates exceeding 30 inches per hour, even a major thunderstorm won’t keep kids from play for long. Since Genesis Turf also has added Heat Shield Technology, it reduces the amount of heat that can be absorbed into the turf blades. This can keep your playground cooler in the summer by up to 18 degrees. This may be one of the biggest advantages that children most appreciate. No matter what the weather is, they can carry on playing for as long as they like without any worries.


Artificial Playground Turf: Lets Talk Cost

Finally, the option of artificial playground turf is more economical than you might think. Given the durability and the lack of maintenance required, it will help with immediate cost savings and possible tax credits. Artificial Turf may range 2-3 dollars more per square foot than rubber mulch, pour in play surfaces, and sod, but consider the warranties and life span. Pour in play along with rubber mulch carrier short warranties (no more than a few years), while artificial turf carries a 15 year warranty with a

Artificial Playground Turf, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass

Artificial Playground Turf Install for a Daycare

20+ year working life span. Imagine 15 years with zero worry about your investment. Imagine 20 years with no watering, mowing, or maintenance contracts. Savings can easily begin in the first year of use.

It is also worth mentioning that artificial turf is 100% recyclable and has the benefit of added tax credits, and city water credits depending on your area of install. This also gives great peace of mind as you will be providing a child safe area that is 100% environmentally friendly.


Artificial Playground Turf: Taking the Next Step

Genesis playground artificial turf is designed from the ground up for safety and is fully certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA). Combine this with our exclusive Shock Pad underlayment and antimicrobial infill and you will find our turf system to be one of the safest play surfaces available today. Find us online at or call us at 855-887-3435.

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Lawn Grass, Artificical Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass Innovations & Cost Savings

Artificial Grass Innovations & Cost Savings  

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Lawn Grass, Artificical Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Grass has gained a lot of attention from homeowners over the past 5 years. With innovations in realism, texture, and working life span, homeowners have increased reason to give artificial grass a serious look. When considering landscaping costs, artificial grass boasts many benefits and considerable savings over time. But what about drawbacks? While turf has changed tremendously since the 70’s and 80’s, are there any negatives? Lets explore some of these benefits and drawbacks on how turf has developed over the years.


Artificial Grass: Out with the Old in With the New

How many times have we seen images of the old “mint green” colored turf or images of failed landscape

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass Moreno Valley, California

installs? While the clear majority of these are decades old, it still makes a huge impression today. This often reflects on how the average homeowner views artificial grass. After all, who would want a mint green plastic lawn for all the neighbors to see? Today’s artificial turf has made huge leaps forward in realism to the point you would have to get on your hand and knees to know the difference. There are now even different turf styles to mimic grasses of different regions. From Bermuda to Fescue and Zoysia, artificial grass is now made to take on even the most meticulous and well-manicured sod lawns. Today’s artificial grass is made to last well over 30 years with warranties up to 15 years. Properly trained professional install crews make sure there will never be a reason for neighbors to suspect you have anything less than the real deal!


Artificial Grass: Comparing the Costs

There are many different things to think about when looking at artificial turf. Do you have dogs, do you have kids, how much traffic will it get, what kind of look are you going for, and so much more. While there are different applications for artificial grass (Commercial, Sports Fields, Playground, etc.), we would like to provide a cost comparison based on residential.

Having Artificial Lawn Turf installed, it should be easy to realize a return on investment in approximately 1 year. This is a typical cost comparison between artificial and traditional sod lawns.


Artificial Grass vs. Natural Sod Cost Analysis 


Artificial Grass Natural Sod
Turf Sq Ft: 1,200 **Comparison Size** Sod Sq Ft: 1,200 **Comparison Size**
Average Turf + Installation Cost: $10.00 Sod + Installation Cost: $3.50
No Irrigation System: $0.00 Irrigation Install: $4,500
Investment so far: $12,000 Investment so far: $8,700
Annual Maintenance: $0.00 Annual Maintenance: $800 – $1000
Year 1: $12,000 Year 1: $9,700
Year 5: $12,000 Year 5: $13,700
Year 10: $12,000 Year 10: $18,700
Year 15: $12,000 Year 15: $23,700


When comparing natural sod to artificial grass, there is a significant savings over the course of 15 year

Artificial Grass, Artificial turf, Artificial Lawn Grass

s and a break even by year 3. Depending on how you value your time and dealing with landscape

companies, not to mention water savings, there is a realistic break even in year 1 or 2. There has also been a growing number or municipal water districts now offering credits and rebates for the install of synthetic lawns as well as possible tax savings. While the actual break even over natural sod may very state to state, the long-term savings to your wallet and the environment are hard to ignore.

Here are some of the other reasons more homeowners are now considering artificial turf:

  • Lower Maintenance costs. no mowing, no watering, no fertilizing, no pesticides, no weeds, no worries.
  • Artificial Grass stays green and perfect year round.
  • Artificial Turf is Green for the environment. There is no carbon monoxide from mowers and other machinery, and no Methane gas from grass clippings.
  • Safe for pets. You won’t have to worry about your pet walking on or consuming chemicals.
  • Artificial Grass is allergy friendly. There are no allergens, pollen or mud to deal with.
  • It is a perfect solution for rental properties and vacation homes where the owner cannot always be onsite.
  • Property Value: Since it lowers maintenance and water costs, it is heavily sought out by many potential home buyers and renters. Much like solar panels, any type of property features that are Eco-friendly can raise your property value.


Artificial Grass: The Final Verdict

While no one can ignore some of the past prejudice to artificial grass, most of this stems from decades

Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass Home Install

old products that have not been in use for at least 30 years now. New artificial turf products are now lasting well over 30 years and have the ability to give your lawn a 15-year warranty. Just imagine no lawn maintenance for 30 years and the freedom to wave to your neighbor on their riding mower while you hit the golf course … or at least run those errands you should have done days ago.

Synthetic lawns are moving to the forefront of “green” landscaping. They are eliminating the need to use harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and weed killers that are proven to put children and pets at risk. They are saving millions of gallons of water, and giving families back much needed time to spend together. Artificial Grass has grown in popularity by more that 30% every year and is fast becoming the go to solution for the average homeowner. Maybe now is the time for you to consider making a change in how you will spend your Saturdays.


Leave it to the Pros!

Genesis Turf is industry leader in artificial grass development and supply and installation. Genesis has grown to become a global leader in high quality artificial turf solutions including artificial lawn turf, artificial pet turf, artificial playground turf, artificial pet turf, and artificial landscape turf. Genesis Turf is a proud supplier to the US Military, various US colleges, The Discovery Channel, The City of Miami, and The Make A Wish Foundation. To see how we can help you, visit us online at or by calling 855-887-3435.

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The Popularity of Artificial Grass in Tampa & Orlando Florida

The Popularity of Artificial Grass in Tampa & Orlando Florida

Artificial grass and the benefits it offers have been well known for years. Artificial turf has been widely used in homes, businesses, and stadiums around the globe for decades. The technology behind turf wearability and realismArtificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Artificial Lawn Turf has evolved impressively over the past few years with increased warranty and life spans. The US has seen a growing number of individuals, homeowners, and sports teams commended their artificial grass for various money and time saving benefits. Artificial grass requires zero watering, mowing, fertilizing and other costly maintenance. These benefits along leaps in industry quality have made residents and businesses in Orlando and Tampa Florida take notice and start to cash in!

Why Artificial Turf in Tampa, Orlando FL

From landscaping to playgrounds and sports fields, the demand and number of uses for artificial turf keep on growing in Tampa and Orlando Florida. Offering a natural alternative for dead grass problems due to drought, and cost of natural grass maintenance, artificial grass is saving residents both time and money. Artificial turf made out of natural looking fibers that replicate the look and feel of real natural grass is fast becoming the problem solver people are turning to. Mike, an Orlando resident was quoted saying, “artificial grass from Genesis Turf was just the best choice when we looked at monthly maintenance costs for our home”.

Tampa and Orlando residents prefer artificial grass because it makes their yards a perfect space for kids and pets at home. It offers resistance to extreme traffic, is easy to clean, lead and chemical

Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Florida, Orlando, Tampa

Florida Home with Artificial Lawn Turf

free, and provides a pest and allergen free environment. Many dog owners agree that artificial pet grass provides a perfect solution that is suitable for their beloved canine. Regardless of whether you share a lawn area with your pet or need to give your canine and other pets an enjoyable and clean space to play outside, an artificial grass surface provides the perfect environment for pets in any climate condition.

Tampa and Orlando area business are finding great uses for artificial grass as well. In many places like veterinary clinics, rooftop buildings, dog parks, commercial landscape, and public playgrounds, artificial turf fits the bill. It provides a safe and clean space for pets in dog parks, or provides a relaxing work space for employees on a building rooftop. It is cutting landscape costs for businesses and exceeding fall height requirements for kid safe playgrounds. With the use of artificial turf growing at over 30% every year, it is no wonder these two cities have become a huge center for turf innovation.

Artificial Lawn Turf for Rental Properties

Orlando and Tampa have always offered a great place for family vacations. With close proximity to Disney, beaches, and nightlife, there is no shortage of rental properties to accommodate families of any size. Since the introduction of services from HomeAway, AIRBNB, and VRBO, homeowners are earning more income by offering their second homes and empty rooms to accommodate tourists and travelers. With some of these homes remaining rented for 70% of the year, and 100% in high travel times during the summer, homeowners are looking for a better way to maintain rental property landscapes. Artificial grass has provided a way so property owners never have to worry about the condition of their rental homes landscape. With zero maintenance cost, this means more money directly in the pocket of the owner, and not in the hands of a landscape mowing service.

Cost Benefits of Artificial Grass

Eliminating major expenses that go along with maintaining your landscape is a huge money saving

Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass, Orlando Florida

Orlando Florida Home with Genesis Artificial Turf Grass

opportunity and reduces environmental impact. Florida residents are seeing costs of watering, fueling equipment, pesticides, and fertilizers rising. This makes it more difficult than ever to keep your lawn looking its best. By switching to artificial grass, businesses and homeowners average a 50-70% reduction in their water bills alone. That cost savings combined with no mowing, or expensive landscaper contracts over the next 20+ years and the savings are hard to ignore.

For answers on how artificial turf can benefit your home or business, check out Genesis Turf. As an industry leader, Genesis Turf systems are made to control costs and give a realistic look and feel for any application. They can be found online at and 855-887-3435.

Artificial Lawn Turf, Artificial Lawn Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grass

Homeowners Still Want Artificial Lawn Grass Despite Less Water Restrictions

Homeowners Still Want Artificial Lawn Grass Despite Less Water Restrictions


Though the California drought may be coming to an end, homeowners have not stopped wanting low/no maintenance landscaping solutions. In fact, artificial lawn turf installations have never been more popular. The promise of having a perfect green lawn without the maintenance and expensive water bills has been more enticing than ever.

Genesis Turf has recently completed installs of artificial grass for California and Oregon residents, converting their front and back yards from dirt and dead grass to over 1200 square feet of Genesis Sierra Pro 70 turf perArtificial-Lawn-Turf, Artificial Lawn Grass, Artifiial Grass, Artificial Turf home. The artificial grass blades feature multiple shades of green, from dark to light, and even have brown thatch blades for added realism. There is no better way to revitalize a dead lawn and make a statement than a realistic artificial grass lawn.

All homeowner’s natural lawns had suffered significantly because of mandated water restrictions and high cost of lawn maintenance. While searching for a drought friendly solution, the homeowners specifically wanted something that would allow their children and pets to continue to play and offer a safe, clean environment. Artificial grass seemed to be the perfect solution for the homeowners, especially after learning that it was tough enough to withstand heavy Artificial Lawn Turf, Artificial Lawn Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Grassusage and was safe for kids and pets. Genesis Sierra Pro is a 100% antimicrobial and fully recyclable option. This makes for an environmentally friendly option that is bacteria free and has a 15-year warranty.

Genesis Turf, a west coast turf provider and installer has been leading the turf industry over the past 5 years in innovation and customer satisfaction. After bringing artificial grass to an increasing number of homeowners, more and more are beginning to make the switch. Neighbors of our customers see artificial turf in other yards on their street and are always amazed at how good it looks. A lot of our projects come from referrals because everyone wants it for themselves,” one homeowner, said.

Every homeowner wants their house to look great from the street, and since turf has become so realistic everyone has the option to switch and enjoy the added benefits. Genesis Turf gives people a lawn replacement and landscape option that they can be proud of that will help them save time, money, and water!


Genesis Turf – 855-887-3435 –

Artificial Pet Turf, Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Pet Turf

Artificial Pet Grass Potty Stations at Las Vegas McCarran Airport

Artificial Pet Grass Potty Stations at McCarran Airport

After a long flight, Fido might need a potty break just as much as his human companion.

Three Artificial Pet Grass areas have been designated as where pit bulls, poodles and other pooches can piddle near airline gates at McCarran International Airport.

When nature calls, travelers can take their dogs and cats to enclosed pet relief areas equipped with a stretch of fake grass, red fire hydrants made of plastic and a red biohazard bin for tossing out waste-filled bags.

Airport officials spent $400,000 to equip the new stations, which opened Wednesday afternoon just past the security checkpoints near Gate E-11 inside Terminal 3, near Gate C-25 in Terminal 1 and near a children’s play area in the midfield D-Gates.

The airport opened several outdoor pet potty areas in 2009, but the new indoor facilities were needed as a way to help travelers who already checked into their flight, or stopped off in Las Vegas to connect with another city, McCarran spokeswoman Christina Crews said. The Artificial Pet Grass was just a perfect fit for us.

Artificial Pet Turf, Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Pet TurfLas Vegas joins several airports across the country with pet relief areas, including Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, Atlanta, Honolulu and Dallas.

“It’s certainly a need because we’re seeing more and more people traveling with their pets,” Crews said.

Pet owners are encouraged to clean up after their animals use the artificial pet turf, but there are other methods to keep smells, germs and residue from building up.

A ventilation system vacuums the air about 10 times per hour, Crews said. A self-cleaning sprinkler system washes the fake grass area, then flushes and drains the water. Maintenance crews also regularly scrub the rooms.

After an hour long flight Thursday, Joseph and Nelva Rasalan of San Jose, California, ducked into a relief room with their chihuahuas Chester, Chelsea and Jade. The dogs frolicked and nervously sniffed the artificial turf, unsure whether it was safe to use.

Chester and Chelsea weren’t having any part of it. After some hesitation, Jade bravely squatted to do her business.

“We always carry a newspaper and find a location where there isn’t a lot of people so they can go to the bathroom,” Joseph Rasalan said. “Pets are just like family, so having this room for them is pretty great.”

K9 areas are installed every day in public and private facilities across the world. All Genesis artificial pet turf is antimicrobial and will not hold moisture, residue, and bacteria. For help with artificial pet turf, please call or email us at 855-887-3435 –

putting green

Genesis Artificial Putting Turf

Artificial Putting Turf

Genesis Artificial Putting Turf

Perhaps you have considered the idea of installing a backyard golf green in your home, but thought the cost might outweigh the benefit. The fact is, nothing could be farther from the truth. At Genesis Turf, we pride ourselves on offering the industry’s finest synthetic turf putting greens at an affordable price that can fit into your budget. We offer multiple styles to fit within any budget and to fit within any region. Our backyard golf green products are competitively priced so that they are accessible to all. In an industry where lesser products run rampent can be extremely overpriced, we take a much different approach. It is our goal to supply products that golf enthusiasts everywhere can enjoy without breaking your wallet.

Imagine for a moment the convenience of having your very own backyard putting green just a few steps out your back door. No more driving to the practice range and paying for the privilege of working on your game. Now you can work on your short game on a surface that rivals the very best natural golf greens. Now imagine the convenience, and realize that the price is definitely within your reach.

The level of play you can expect from a Genesis Turf putting green is off the charts, with a true roll every time as you work to shore up your putting and chipping skills in the comfort of your backyard. For someone who is serious about golf, this could not be more ideal.

At Genesis Turf, we are always searching for more ways to improve upon our already state-of-the-art artificial turf products. In terms of affordability, durability, and environmental responsibility, it simply doesn’t get much better than our products. Our backyard putting greens are the perfect example of a product that gives natural grass a run for its money and offers optimum performance year-round.

If you’re considering installing your very own backyard golf green, the products that Genesis Turf offers are definitely within your reach. To find out more about our synthetic turf options, call us today at 855-887-3435.

Family and children playing on artificial grass in the backyard

Artificial Turf Helping Families Become More Active

With child obesity at its highest point in recorded American history, more parents and educators are looking for ways to encourage their children to be active and spend time outdoors. However, in most states, the weather really only permits outdoor activities a single season out of the year. In the northern states, the summers are nice, but the winters are harsh. In the southern states, and particularly in the southwest, the summers are dangerously hot and the winters are generally mild. The weather isn’t something that can be changed, but the way we design our outdoor areas for play can be.

This is where Genesis Lawn artificial turf comes into play. In the southwest, where conserving waterFamily and children playing on artificial grass in the backyard is critical, artificial lawns are an excellent alternative to dirt or patchy grass fields. These lawns use less water than traditional grass and do not allow for the creation of, or spread of, dust particles in the air. They can easily be cleaned and are more durable than natural grass fields. In addition, soft padding placed underneath the turf’s surface makes for a safe and level space for kids to play. More humid areas will benefit from artificial turf in many more ways, the best of which is probably the pest-resilient nature of synthetic grass. Because they provide no nutrients for bugs and because of their durability against moles and gophers, artificial lawns are much safer for your entire family – especially your pets, who can avoid the ticks and fleas which normally occupy the lawn.

Northern states will enjoy having a green yard in the middle of winter. Artificial lawns require very little maintenance or upkeep. The expenses involved are minimal, as you no longer have to worry about pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc. There is the upfront cost of installing the lawn, but even that is offset by LEED credits. You can also deduct the cost of your time, as you will no longer have to mow or trim.

With these benefits in mind, the real benefit of artificial turf is that it is a viable and practical product that encourages outdoor activities. Many playgrounds are now being installed amid synthetic blades of grass simply because it is safer and promotes play. There are fewer pollutants to worry over and less of a risk of kids tripping and falling. For more information on artificial turf, call us at 855-887-3435. Your estimate will be free and our lawn care experts will evaluate your needs to find the right product for you.

– Genesis Turf

Artificial Grass Can Increase Your Homes Value

Whenever the topic of a artificial grass is brought into a conversation there are always strong Artificial Lawn Turf opinions for the installation of artificial turf and strong opinions against it. Both sides bring up great points to support their claims, but the dialogue usually turns to whether or not the investment in synthetic turf will add value to a home. Here are a few things to consider when making your own decision:

  • Synthetic turf requires very little water. You will only need to “water the lawn” when cleaning it.
  • No lawnmowers are required to maintain artificial grass. This cuts down pollution and sweat.
  • Artificial lawn turf stays green all year round – regardless of the season.
  • Improvements in technology cause synthetic lawns to look realistic, eliminating the stigma possessed by the AstroTurf of the 1960s.
  • Some argue that synthetic turf can cause more injuries to athletes than regular grass, but grass that is not well-maintained will have holes and bare patches that can also cause injuries
  • Artificial grass is pet-friendly and easy to clean.
  • Bugs do not take up residence in synthetic turf.

In all, making the decision to install “fake” or “real” grass is unique to your family’s needs. A well-kept natural lawn will add value to your home, but it will require lots of time and money. The care that goes into a perfectly manicured lawn is the equivalent of a full-time job. On the other hand, installing a synthetic lawn can have a larger start-up cost, but will be relatively less expensive and easier to maintain in the long term.

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